Volcom Garden Presents The Variety Show ft. Photographers, Painters and Drawers

Volcom Garden
1209 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78702
Opening Reception:
April 20  |  7pm – 10pm
Event runs through May 11
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Featuring work by Alex Bond, Lori Damiano, Zach Hudson, Dharam Khalsa, Porous Walker & Tobin Yelland

Join us at The Volcom Garden for The Variety Show, a group exhibition bringing together three photographers and three figurative painters/drawers. While the combined body of work is varied, there is a consistent undercurrent to all of the artists’ backgrounds—they all grew up skateboarding and their work is directly influenced by their collective subculture. You don’t have to skateboard yourself to enjoy this exhibit, however. You just have to have a love for life, humor and having fun with your friends. If you’re not into any of those, maybe you can find a cemetery to hang out in (by yourself) while we all party. Hope to see you there!

Michael Sieben

Contact sieben@msieben.com for more info.