Volcom Presents: #VolcomNextSpot Thrasher Magazine's "RV Rampage"

 In 2017 we hit the road with thirteen of the best boarders going through eighteen different cities crushing 2,500 miles and all the spots we could handle in between. If you were following along on the @VolcomSkate instagram or on the #VolcomNextSpot tag then you have a good idea of what we got into. We hit about a dozen different skateshops and did a handful of demos, yet still managed to film the 15 minutes of solid skate footage above. You can read about our travels in the January issue of Thrasher Magazine, however there are a few excerpts below that wern’t used. Watch the “RV Rampage” video above, read the article over at ThrasherMagazine.com and check out more below! We’ll be back on the road next year, where should we go next?!?


     We were rolling through Nashville looking for spots after we just had an epic demo at Sixth Avenue Nashville. Axel was trying a trick on a mellow kinked rail infront of a doctors office and Chris Pfanner decided to go for a skate around the block to see if there was anything else to skate. After about 20 minutes he returned with a spot he wanted to try. Pfanner has insane pop and really enjoys a good bump to bar. It just so happens that there was a MASSIVE bump to bar just a block away. He claims that the downhill rollaway would help relieve the impact of the 10 foot drop and it was exactly what he wanted to try. Since it was dark out and we didn’t have enough lights to light up the spot, we decided to come back the next day. 

That drop is no joke!

The next day we headed back to the spot but there was a hospital vehicle in the way, so we ended up skating a spot nearby until it moved. Even our local spot guides were amazed that Pfanner was going to try it; “it’s on of those spots that you look at and wonder, who could possibly do that? Is it even possible?” After about an hour the van moved and it was time for Pfanner to sail! After a quick roll up and some incouragement from the squad Pfanner was rolling away thrid try! On to the NEXT SPOT!

Bowling is always a good time!


     In some respects, bowling is kind of like skating, you get to hang with your buds, talk shit, drink beer and do a somewhat meaningless but also competitive activity together. Even a good bowling throw can be compared to a solid push (perfect for Volcom’s superior stretch chinos... ;-) ) So naturally, bowling is our number one go to, either at night or when it’s raining. There’s even a couple avid bowlers already on the team. You can find Colin Provost on the lanes with Lannie Rhodes back in Oceanside on any given night, Louie Lopez is pretty good as well and as soon as Jake Smith gets his shoulder surgery, he’ll be back in full force too. If it wasn’t for bowling, we’d still be calling Road Rage, Jarrod. We bowled at least once on all 3 trips, all for different reasons and it’s always a good time. At a bowling alley in Rhode Island we got a dozen lanes and bowled with people from all the shops in the area, skating with your favorite pro’s is one thing but getting to bowl with your favorite pro’s is just a rad! The bowling alley was so stoked on all the beer we bought that they outfitted us with hats and pint glasses, Daan’s still wearing one. One of the homies even caught a ride back to our hotel on the ‘lodge and ended up sleeping on the floor of Lannie and Ant’s room. Pretty sure no one knew how that happened, but it was pretty rad to share the stoke. Next day Remy reminded us that due to some sort of legal liability mumbo jumbo, that we can’t allow outsiders to ride on the ‘lodge, we’re still learning these things as we go. Lannie had his birthday party at a bowling alley in Chattanooga, Tennessee while we were on the last trip and Collin bought them both some sick bowling shirts.