Volcom Renews Surfrider Foundation 'Coastal Defender' Commitment

We are proud to continue our support of the Surfrider Foundation through the renewal of our “Coastal Defender” membership for 2017, a new program developed and launched at the end of last year that gives surf industry companies the opportunity to give back to the place where they work and play.

Surfrider, whose mission and work is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches from the threats of pollution, expanding industries & offshore development and climate change, is something we as a company directly benefit from. With the core of Volcom’s brand built around the enjoyment of boardsports, surfing being a major one, it is important that we help support the work that Surfrider and their network of activists put in so that we are all able to continue to enjoy and benefit from the ocean and all that it provides.

Without the tireless fight of Surfrider and the 11 other organizations that make up the Save San Onofre Coalition (SSOC), the recent success of the 11-year “Save Trestles” campaign would not have been a reality. An issue near and dear to the hearts of many at Volcom, this landmark “Save Trestles” victory will forever protect it from the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) building or funding a road project within the area that includes San Onofre State Beach, the Richard and Donna O’Neill Conservancy and other critical open space, wildlife habitat and cultural resources in the San Mateo Creek watershed.

To see Trestles with its deep-rooted history of memorable surfing events, forever protected from future roadway development, is so encouraging and serves a strong reminder that through sustained public resistance, a difference can be made.

But it takes money, time and resources to fight these battles, so next Tuesday, November 29th, return to Volcom.com for further details on the Volcom X Surfrider Foundation membership promotion or follow us on our social to stay informed.