Terms & Conditions
Volcom Stone Rewards

The Volcom Stone Rewards Loyalty Program (“Program”) applies only to products sold on www.volcom.com and that are listed as participating in the Program ("Qualifying Products"); or the performance of an activity designated by Volcom (“Qualifying Activity”).

In order to receive the benefits of the Program You must be an existing Volcom account holder at www.volcom.com or You must visit www.volcom.com and create an Volcom account (“Membership”). Membership is open to all individuals that reside in the United States, excluding all Territories.

The use and benefits of the Program is subject to, and shall be governed by, these Terms of Use. Volcom may, at its sole and absolute discretion, change Program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, or Reward levels, in whole or in part, at any time without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the points already accumulated. It is your responsibility to be aware of any such changes. Continued use of your Volcom account shall be deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any modifications thereto.

You will receive reward points based on the purchase of a Qualifying Product or the performance of a Qualifying Activity ("Rewards"). The amount of Rewards You can earn on the purchase of a Qualifying Product or performance of a Qualifying Activity will be determined by Volcom. The Rewards You can earn upon the purchase of a Qualifying Product will be displayed by the price for such Qualifying Product or, in some instances, through a promotion of such Qualifying Product(s). Points you can earn from the performance of a Qualifying Activity will be displayed in the promotional announcement and/or materials of the Qualifying Activity. Volcom has the right to make the final decision on whether a purchase or performance qualifies for Rewards.

You must be logged into Your Volcom account on the www.volcom.com website, in order to earn Rewards from purchasing Qualifying Products and from the performance of a Qualifying Activity.

Rewards may be redeemed 1) on future purchases of Volcom products on www.volcom.com in the form of a one-time use coupon code on such future purchase; or 2) may be used to purchase certain VOLCOM products offered from time to time by Volcom in exchange for Rewards.

No Rewards will be earned on, and purchases of a Qualifying Product does not include: returns, refunds, credit adjustments, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, purchases made by or for a business or for a business purpose.

No Rewards will be earned on Qualifying Product(s) purchased with Rewards. Volcom will post earned Rewards to Your account within thirty (30) days from the purchase of a Qualifying Product or the performance of a Qualifying Activity. Rewards may only be redeemed after such Rewards are posted to Your account.

No Rewards will be earned on Qualifying Product(s) purchased by Volcom, Puma, Electric and Kering employees, Pro-form customers and customers using unpublished discount promotions.

Rewards have no cash value and cannot be converted to or redeemed for cash, either directly or indirectly. Tax, shipping & handling and any other charges other than the purchase price of the Qualifying Product are not eligible for Rewards points. Shipping and handling charges apply to all products, including items purchased with Your Rewards.

Rewards are not transferable and may not be combined with Rewards from other Program Members or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a Member’s estate, and may not pass to Members’ successors and assigns. Accrued Rewards do not constitute property of the Member. Accrued Rewards are not transferable by the Member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise.

Rewards expire one calendar year from issue date unless a purchase is made.

Any return of a Qualifying Product purchased with Rewards will take into account the value of the Rewards redeemed for such product, which may result in a reduction of any amounts owed to You for such return. Any discount or price adjustment, including but not limited to an adjustment resulting from a price match inquiry, may result in the value of the Rewards for this item being reduced by the amount of the price adjustment or eliminated entirely, at Our sole discretion.

Your eligibility to achieve Basic, Plus, and VIP (“Status”) in the Program is based on Your cumulative purchases of a Qualifying Product made at www.volcom.com. Your eligibility to move up in status within the Program will be updated regularly based on Your Net Purchases as set forth below.

BASIC: If Your total spend is less than $100 from the date of Your Program membership creation.

Basic membership receives the following benefits set forth below:

  • Birthday gift of 100 points
  • Free Ground Shipping on purchases made at www.volcom.com with no minimum threshold

PLUS: If You spend between $100 and $199 from the date of Your Program membership creation.

In addition to the Basic benefits, Plus members also receive:

  • Access to Double Point Advantages
  • Access to Triple Point Days
  • Invites to Exclusive Events

VIP: If You spend over $200 or more from the date of Your Program membership creation.

In addition to the Basic & Plus benefits, VIP members also receive:

  • Access to exclusive discounts and promotions offered from time to time by Volcom
  • Access to Exclusive products
  • Free Express Shipping on purchases made at www.volcom.com with no minimum threshold

Once You reach the qualifying Net Purchases for any member Status, Your benefits for that Status include all of the benefits associated with the preceding Status.

To maintain Your current Tier status, You must make a purchase of Qualified Product within 365 days of the last date of Your previous Qualified  Product purchase.

As part of the Program, You may receive print/electronic Rewards Statements, Program updates and other related materials at the discretion of Volcom. Volcom reserves the right to cease providing Program updates and related materials to You.

You can view Your account activity online at www.volcom.com. For information about an individual account or any other Program-related questions or information contact Volcom Customer Service by mail at: 1740 Monrovia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 or by email at customerservice@volcom.com.

To the extent provided by law, Volcom reserves the right to make Rewards and promotional offers available to select Volcom account holders based on purchase activity, geographic location, Program participation, or information supplied by You.

You may cancel Your Membership at any time by notifying Volcom Customer Service by mail, email or telephone.

We reserve the right to close your account at anytime if there is no account activity for a period of two (2) years, which will result in the forfeiture of any and all accumulated Rewards. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “account activity” shall mean any purchases, downloading content, uploading content, or logging on. Volcom shall reasonably determine if an account is inactive at its sole and absolute discretion.

The information provided by You will be handled according to the Volcom Privacy Policy. If You are interested in learning more about Volcom privacy practices, please visit www.volcom.com and click on the Privacy Policy link in the bottom navigation menu.

We may terminate the Program and/or your Membership at anytime at Our discretion. If We do so without cause, We will provide you with at least ninety (90) days to redeem any Rewards you have earned prior to any termination of your Membership or the Program.

Abuse of the Program by failing to follow these Terms and Conditions, conducting any fraudulent or illegal activities, purchasing products with the intent to resell, “hacking”, misrepresenting or falsifying any facts presented to Volcom, participating in any activity disparaging to or not in the best interest of Volcom or other Volcom account holders, or conducting any other improper conduct as determined by Volcom in its sole judgment, may result in immediate cancellation of your Membership and future disqualification from Program or participation in other Volcom promotional programs, forfeiture of all Rewards accrued, cancellation of previously issued but unused Rewards, and termination of the business relationship with Volcom. In connection with the enforcement of any of the Terms and Conditions governing the Program, Volcom reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as it deems necessary, and to recover damages, attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Our failure to insist upon or enforce Your strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of any of Our rights. 

Taxes may apply where required by law. You shall be responsible for any taxes that you may incur for receiving and/or redeeming Rewards.

All determinations by Volcom shall be final and conclusive in each case.