"Aliens Was Here" ft. Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, Balaram Stack, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Burch

"Aliens Was Here" ft. Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, Balaram Stack, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Burch

Aliens Was Here is a Veeco Production starring the elite Volcom Surf team. We settled in Bali for five weeks and the boys encountered more than just aliens!

This is a true story based around the Volcom surf team's exploration to Indonesia. We rented a house in Bali, Indonesia and invited every team rider from all over the globe. The plan? Well, there was no plan. We settled in a luxurious villa in Canngu for five weeks and the boys encountered more than they bargained for. From our top lords scoring a secret slab to our alienated youth shifting heads, this film will leave you with a fine dosage of yet another Volcom classic!

Ozzie Wrong
Noa Deane
Mitch Coleborn
Balaram Stack
Ryan Burch
Andrew Doheny
Nate Tyler
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FEATURING: Nate Tyler, Mauro Diaz, Pat Schmidt, Miguel Tudela, Leon Glatzer, Gony Zubizarreta, Harry Timson, William Aliotti, Guy Sato, Shun Murakami, Muklis Anwar, Hayden Rodgers, Nolan Rodgers, Hagan Johnson, Cole Sandman, Santiago Hart, Kobi Clements, Jarvis Earle, Keanu Taylor

DIRECTED by Jimmy "Jazz" James

PRODUCED by Richie Olivares, Tom Carey, Brad Dougherty, Matt Bemrose 

FILMED by Jimmy "Jazz" James, Nate Leal, Scott Stinnett, Matt Tromberg, Tom Carey

ART by Ozzie Wright

A hazy recollection of strange encounters documented by Richie Olivares:

Ozzie was on a painting craze in Bali. He was tagging "Aliens Was Here" all over town. He even painted his face for each surf and I think it scared everyone off in the line up, which resulted in heaps of waves!

Ozzie Wrong transforming Uluwatu's racetrack into Planet Zorb.

Richie Olivares:

"Believe it or not, but this car was a rental! I think it gave us good luck and it became a wave magnet. We had to pay for the car to be repainted when we gave it back, but it was totally worth it. Many would say that it upped the value of the car."

Spotted the first extraterrestrial of the trip.
"It was the first time I'd ever seen an elephant in person and it was insane. The Zoo keeper loved rock n' roll!" -Mauro
Mauro Diaz

Andrew Doheny:

"I never thought I'd ever get that close to an elephant! It was like a CGI or something."

Andrew "Droid" Doheny with a quick cutty, feeling loose like he's back home surfing 5-4.

William Aliotti is a sneaky little Frenchman who loves to get barreled and have a good time. He spent two months in Bali this year and by the looks of that smile you can tell he had an excellent time!

Frenchman William Aliotti joined the rest of the aliens and scored big time.

Gony Zubizarreta:

"I forgot my travel bag in Lisbon airport at the x-ray machine just before flying to Bali, so I had to borrow shorts and shirts from William, Leon and Miguel (thanks boyz). We had to divide the group and the goofy footers went to Java, so we went to Yoyo's! I really enjoyed the trip to Sumbawa with Droid, Mauro and Pat. The guys were ripping! It was impressive to see the talent and clean surfing of Mauro, the crazy different approach of Droid on every wave riding weird boards, and the power and pop of Pat, especially on his twin fin."

"Basically, we just surfed our brains out for a week and then had a little goodbye party in Canggu to finish the trip the best way possible."
Gony Zubizarreta dropped a couple wallets, but was able to pick them up shortly after.
The little car that could.
Ozzie face-painted the entire trip.
Every night consisted of listening to Distractor over and over, Bintangs, and art tutorial with Ozzie. It was like a big kid sleepover!

Nate Leal's nickname is Snake Eal and this photo should further explain how he landed a nickname like that.

It’s the only way to drink your morning mud - with your mug on your mug.

Mitch Coleborn, evening light in Indonesia.
We went from sharing sleeping pads in a dirty small villa to a 5 star resort with servants all around us, it was wild!

You would think this baby broke down frequent, but I swear this was the only time we had to push her! This car was a beast!

Ryan Burch on a self-shaped, unidentified surfboard.
"It was awesome to be on a trip with a couple of guys that I've grown up watching in old Volcom videos. We scored so fucking hard, I couldn't believe how barreled everyone got!"

We had a solid group of our top groms crash our Aliens party and they were tripping! From the Hayden brothers to Cole Sandman to Keanu Taylor, each grom was upping the ante every day which produced a solid mix of oustanding surfing from the youngsters. Take a sneak peek below: