CJ Collins, he can dish it, but can he take it?

CJ Collins, he can dish it, but can he take it?

CJ Collins has been riding for Volcom since 2013 when he was just 10 years old. Used to being the only kid on tour, CJ’s learned to how to dish it out just as much he has learned to take it while being the defacto little brother of the group.

Now at 14, he’s still definitely the youngest on most skate trips and is by far still the most vulnerable, as was the case on the recent Wanderlodge trip with a rowdy crew set to blow off some steam in Reno, NV.

Let us remember. We were waiting in the High Sierra bowling alley parking lot for the rest of the Volcom staff when Dustin Dollin decided to kick his football on the roof. Dane Burman was nice enough to climb up the ladder and retrieve CJ's prized possession. What a nice guy (kinda). While we were still waiting, bullshitting outside, CJ saw some pool tables next door and claimed to be an excellent pool player, as did Dustin, so this quick under-the-breath statement turned into a full Reno dual. The two hit up Q’s Billards to settle who was the better pool player. CJ gets $20 from his dad strictly for magnets or some sort of souvenir from his travels, and Dustin convinced him to put it down on their game of pool. CJ is actually pretty good at pool for a 14 year old, but not as good as Dustin who's practically grown up in bars and spent plenty of time around coin-hungry pool tables. High with confidence, Dustin spent his winnings on beer before he even won, and CJ was a little bummed to say the least. Never bet against the house, young buck.

After Dustin finished his victory beers, the two headed next door the bowling alley to join the team in their rented Ronald McDonald-like clown shoes and oil-slicked madness. CJ was still down from his unfortunate turn of events, but he seemed to cheer up when he started bowling. Any aggression he had, he let it out on Caswell Berry as they've been butting heads ever since CJ apparently stole Caswell's knife on an earlier trip. Thing is, Caswell doesn't like being messed with and as soon as the beers kicked in, and Caswell had been pushed too far, CJ got an ultimate wedgie.

Can't imagine what the other bowling patrons were thinking watching a grown ass man holding up a 14-year old by his underwear in a bowling alley. We could have sworn we heard our bowling neighbors call us a bunch of pinheads, but we doubt they were that witty.