Copenhagen Canal Tour w/ Rune Glifberg, Louie Lopez, Arto Saari, Chris Pfanner

Copenhagen Canal Tour w/ Rune Glifberg, Louie Lopez, Arto Saari, Chris Pfanner

Hitch a ride with our skate team as they take a canal tour through Copenhagen's beautiful and iconic waterways

After the CPH Open contest was over, which was the reason we ventured to Copenhagen, we arranged a boat ride with our friend Martin to let the crew relax and get a different perspective of Rune Glifberg’s hometown of Copenhagen. Rune put it best when he said, "The appearance of the city is a lot different from a boat ride. There's a quietness in the canals that doesn’t exist on the streets." The crew (Louie LopezChris PfannerJamie Lynn, Collin Provost, Milton Martinez, Alec Majerus, Arto Saari, Rune) hopped on their bikes and rode down to the canal where the boat was docked. We had a case of beer, some decent weather, good company, and were off on a canal tour of Copenhagen – it was going to be a good afternoon.

Copenhagen Canals

Rune was right, there was a quietness out on the canals that you didn’t get in the streets and it was extremely refreshing. Louie Lopez has been to Copenhagen a few times, but never had experienced a full boat tour around the city, and he was stoked. Once everyone got their sea legs, we were off! Rune instantly started to point out all of the interesting things you could see from sea level: historic buildings, different neighborhoods, and some of the oldest parts of the city. Arto and Pfanner had a hard time putting their cameras down. There was just so much to see. There are lots of cool things to do in Copenhagen, and this is definitely near the top of the list.

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  • This summer I wanted to show the team all the canals and crazy scenery you can see from the water. The appearance of the city is a lot different from a boat ride. There is a quietness in the canals that doesn’t exist on the streets, so it’s a nice escape from all the madness of the CPH Open contest. The contest is legendary by now, and the energy around the whole city is really mind-blowing when you live here. -Rune Glifberg

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    Scenery on the Copenhagen Canals

    Not too far into our boat ride we got stopped by the police, yes, the police boat. They were only checking to make sure that the boat had enough life jackets for everyone and once they recognized Rune, they let us continue on our journey. You can’t give local Danish legend Rune Glifberg any trouble! All along our ride there was something to see. Huge 19th century tall ships, some sunken ships, and a lot of curious tourists on the shore. One of the most interesting sights of all were these floating shantytowns just outside of Christiania. Residents had built their own homes out of other people’s trash, made it float, and now lived on the water. It really tripped out Louie and Alec. They said it was probably the craziest thing they’ve seen in Copenhagen. Nothing like a graffiti-ridden trailer floating on the water!

    Self-made house boat
    "Copenhagen is kind of a wonderland for everyone that appreciates a little bit of freedom and enjoys the 'live and let live' mentality." -Pfanner
    Arto Saari throwin' out his aloha shakas

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    Heading back to dock the boat, everyone was pretty quiet. They were taking in the beautiful scenes around them and were enjoying the last fleeting moments together cruising through the canals of Copenhagen. Just in time, too, as the skies started to darken towards the end of our route, we docked our boat in a hurry right before it started to rain. Luckily, it was just a passing shower and we were all able to hop back on our bikes and make it back to the hotel just as planned.

    Awesome house boat we found