Volcom Presents "Cut From The Same Cloth," New Work by Industry Print Shop, at the Volcom Garden

Volcom Presents "Cut From The Same Cloth," New Work by Industry Print Shop, at the Volcom Garden

Volcom Garden
1209 E. 6th St., Austin, TX


Opening Reception: Nov. 4th
Show runs through Nov. 7st


(512) 391-1754

"Cut From The Same Cloth" is an exploration into the union of style and function. An exhibition of choice, wherein designer and producer exist in the same space.

Industry Print Shop has created their own collective identity and their foundation in music, skateboarding and art are equally powerful and dynamically expressed throughout their aesthetic. When viewed through this raw and self-made lens, the eventual collaboration of Volcom and Industry becomes not only apparent, but inevitable. This alliance births a creative force that will continue to evolve. It is the blood that we share, not the blood that is shed, that binds our vision to a singular purpose. This purpose pushes creativity and community which begs the call to action. Industry stands and answer the call to be #TrueToThis.

Formed in 2007 by Tony Diaz, Industry Print Shop has been a driving force in the Austin creative scene since its inception. From humble beginnings to a now thriving print house, this artist-led business continues to explore the medium of screen printing. In "Cut From The Same Cloth" Bart Kibbe and Brian Maclaskey join Tony Diaz as three of the core creatives and collaborative elements from this group of artists and designers. Together they combine their professional knowledge of design, printmaking and fine art to produce a body of work which underlines their creative experimentation. The result is a dynamic and expressive slice of time and space, visually capturing the freedom and problem-solving prowess of this trio. Bart, Tony and Brian have been collaborating and showing in galleries together since 2010, constantly pushing each other to get better and more technical while pushing the boundaries of what the medium can do. They continue this lineage together in "Cut From The Same Cloth."

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