Gavin Beschen

North Shore, Oahu, HI, USA
Gavin Beschen's Hawaiian Garden on the North Shore of Oahu

Enter Gavin's Garden: a rich, lush, medley of crops, fruits, and vegetables on Gavin Beschen’s property on the North Shore of Oahu. Watch now!

Gavin Beschen on the North Shore | Ep. 3 of 4 Cities

In episode three we travel to the North Shore of Oahu to meet up with the legendary Gavin Beschen. Originally from San Clemente, CA, Gavin moved over to the islands fresh out of high school and with only one thing in mind: Surfing!

Proving Maui

Episode 2 of our Welcome To Water series follows Dusty Payne on Maui as he tears apart epic Honolua Bay with some of the Volcom Hawaii crew featuring Tai Vandyke, Gavin Beschen, Imai DeVault, Kai Mana Henry and Tom Dosland.