Gavin Beschen on the North Shore | Ep. 3 of 4 Cities

Gavin Beschen on the North Shore | Ep. 3 of 4 Cities

4 Cities: What’s the place you spend the majority of your life like? Does it make you you? Or do you make it you? We wanted to immerse ourselves in some of our favorite surfers hometowns to see how they blend in or stand out in their communities.

In episode three of 4 Cities, we travel to the North Shore of Oahu to meet up with the legendary Gavin Beschen. Originally from San Clemente, CA, Gavin moved over to the islands fresh out of high school and with only one thing in mind: Surfing. And he's been doing just that for the past 20+ years in his beloved Hawaii. From his iconic video parts in early Volcom films, to his classic, laid back and humble style (both in and out of the water), Gavin reminds us to keep things simple, be yourself, and always, always be grateful for what you have.

"We keep it pretty simple. The majority of our activities are either hiking or playing in the ocean. It's nice to drive down the road and see the beautiful country and drive around the island." -Gavin

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