Volcom Hawaii Pipe House History - Banzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

Volcom Hawaii Pipe House History - Banzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

The Volcom Pipe House is a legendary house located directly in front of Banzai Pipeline. With countless years of iconic surfing history to its name, we dive into its history.

Since 1995, the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii has been an important part of the Volcom story. In the first part of our Volcom Hawaii houses history we looked back at all the places we were lucky to have stayed: from Rocky Point to Banzai Pipeline, and a handful of spots in between, there has been a wealth of stories to share.

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In this second part of our Hawaii houses history, Volcom Hawaii veteran and coach Dave Riddle recounts the history of the famed Volcom Pipe House, a.k.a., the Gerry Lopez Pipe House. "Mr. Pipeline" (Gerry Lopez) built this house in the late '70s and is a legendary Pipeline surfer and surfboard shaper. Locals and surfers simply call it "The Pipe House."

Volcom Pipe House, a.k.a., Gerry Lopez Pipe House
Front-row view of Banzai Pipeline from the Pipe House living room

In 2000, Volcom moved the team house from Ted’s Bakery to a single-story house in front of Banzai Pipeline, one of the deadliest, yet perfect waves in the world, where it continued to provide room and board for team riders and guests for the following seven years. In 2007, the team expanded to the house next door, the Volcom Pipe House (Gerry House), where it continues to be one of the most iconic gathering places in surfing history. When Volcom first moved into this house, guys like Bruce Irons claimed one of the top floor rooms, and deservingly so after winning the Pipe Masters and proving his expertise out at Pipeline. Along with Bruce came Dave Wassel and Tai Vandyke who kept a watchful eye over both houses considering their proximity to one another. Soon, the Volcom Pipe House turned into the hot spot for everyone on the team to stay and visit. Early frequenters included Kaimana Henry, Gavin Beschen, Tom Dosland, Dusty Payne, among others.

During big surf contests like the Pipe Masters and Volcom Pipe Pro, which happen right in front of the house, you'll see guys like Kelly Slater and John John Florence hanging in the front yard, chatting with friends and watching the contest. It's a heavy-hitter sighting place and hotspot for any media. There are also insane views of Pipeline and the North Shore coastline from some old World War II bunkers located in the hills behind the two Volcom Pipe House that are definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

Volcom Pipe Houses

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

To be invited to stay here as a Volcom team rider, you have to charge Pipeline and prove that you can handle this beast of a wave. Up-and-comers from the Volcom team learn from the locals and Volcom coaches such as Dave Riddle and Jason Shibata, who have spent years surfing and watching this wave in every condition imaginable. To be welcomed into this house is a blessing and a true part of surfing history, and we're honored to carry on the legacy of such an amazing house.

In addition to being the only three-story house originally allowed on this stretch of beach, it's also the very first surf brand house on Oahu's North Shore to be solar-friendly and powered by solar electricty (as is our smaller house next door) which began as a continued effort to further our sustainability commitments by installing solar panels on the roofs of both Volcom houses. Thanks, Rising Sun Solar!

Solar panels on the roof of the Volcom Pipe House with Banzai Pipeline breaking in the background
Solar panels overlooking Ehukai Beach Park
Michael O'Shaughnessy surfing down from the Volcom Pipe House