Kyle Walker Q&A on his Signature Collection with Volcom

Kyle Walker Q&A on his Signature Collection with Volcom

Volcom is proud to announce the release of the Kyle Walker Signature Collection, a limited-edition capsule of apparel and accessories inspired by the streets and created by Kyle himself.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for the Volcom x K.W. Collection?

I’ve always wanted to design clothes and I think simplicity is key, so I tried to make it nice but also simple where you can skate in it or wear it out at night. It’s durable, nice and warm, good pants, good beanie, good for all weather. A lot of the graphic inspo came from Oklahoma, my home state. The state bird which is my tattoo on my left arm, and just some of those classic americana patterns from back home.

Tell us about the Oklahoma state bird.

I don’t know if it actually lives up to its name, but it’s called the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, and I was just stoked on the bird and the idea to get a tattoo of it. And now I’m using that as the logo for my collection.

How did you enjoy working with Volcom designers?

They were on point with everything throughout the process. If there were any issues, they had it dialed down and had updated samples back super quick. They all ruled, JT and Tim. JJ knows everything about denim. He can figure that stuff out blindfolded. It’s cool to see everything go down firsthand because I know there’s a lot that goes into the process. To sit down with all of them, get to know them and just go over everything was pretty cool.

What sets Volcom apparel apart from the rest?

It is good, top-notch quality. It’s some of the best quality denim and fleece and all that you need. It fits all ranges of people if you skate, surf, snowboard, or whether you like your clothes loud or prefer a more simple style, Volcom’s got it all.

Which piece from your collection are you most hyped on?

I’m going to go ahead and say three because I can’t pick one. The Polo, the Pullover Hoodie and the Crew Tee with the cool collar (both colors), and of course the Kinkade Jeans… and the Beanie… I like it all, I can’t pick just one!

Any last words about your collection or shout outs?

I just hope y’all love it as much as I do. Thank you to Volcom, Jake, Remy, Steve, the whole design team. And I gotta shout out to Mom and Pops, and yeah, I’m super stoked and let’s keep the good times rolling!