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Why Blister? Why Anything? - Noa Deane Gets "Deep"
When Noa Deane isn’t surfin’ he can usually be found with a guitar in his hands channeling his alt-rock heroes Mudhoney and Melvins.
Agenda Festival With Burger Records, The Garden, Fat Tony, Nobunny, No Parents
Volcom and Burger Records put on a first-of-its-kinda show during the Agenda Festival trade show at Long Beach Convention Center.
Week 15: Easy Love "The Echo" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Already known for playing drums in Summer Twins with her sister, Justine Brown started writing and recording her own songs under the name Ea…
Week 14: Distractor "Six Foot Moon" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Distractor play fun and simple music, to distract from the harsh realities of life.
Week 13: Dabble "Free Time" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Self-described Neu Dream Hip-Pop, Dabble have recently relocated to the burgeoning Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles and since caugh…
Week 12: Flying Hair "Tantrum" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
What started with two friends jamming back in 2014 has since turned into full fledged band that's currently working on their second full len…
Week 11: Cowgirl Clue "Utopia" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Ashley Calhoun aka Wu-Wu aka Cowgirl Clue expands her excellent experimental pop sound with this wild one-woman project.
Week 10: White Night "Dirty Water" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
White Night fully embodies a melting pot sound which is reinvigorating rock and roll and its many sub-genres today.
Stream the Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening Soundtrack
By now you've probably seen Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening or at least parts of it on Thrasher Magazine. If you've been wondering about …
Week 9: Meow Twins "Ratchet Witch" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
More like cosmic, spiritual twins than actual twins, Meow Twins, Candra Edwards and Lily Stretz, are creating some of the most refreshingly …
Run The Jewels Barcelona Pop Up Shop
On June 1, a crowd of jewel runners lined up at the Volcom Store Barcelona to meet Run The Jewels in person and get dibs on some limited-edi…
Week 8: Vision "Light" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Formed in 2011, the East L.A. band, Vision, comprised of Ben Nastase, George Verdugo and brothers, Christopher Valer and Phillip Dominick, m…