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Week 8: Vision "Light" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Formed in 2011, the East L.A. band, Vision, comprised of Ben Nastase, George Verdugo and brothers, Christopher Valer and Phillip Dominick, m…
Week 7: Death Valley Girls "Born Again and Again" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
The Death Valley Girls sound is self-described as dystopian punk, doom boogie and occult glam. It’s a spacey and seductive blend of styles.
Week 6: Hammered Satin "Upward Spiral" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Sometimes things you’ve done in the past lead to another entirely different thing years later. Such is the case with Noah Wallace, lead si…
Week 5: The Flytraps "Female of the Species" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
The Flytraps have been an Orange County act to reckon with since at least 2012… existing in a feral state unlike many bands that play it n…
Week 4: Wyatt Blair "Pop Your Heart Out" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Wyatt Blair skillfully crafted tunes from the combustion of raw energy and sophisticated hooks.
Los Viejos Premier New Video For 'Por Eso Cuando Naces Lloras'
Chilango metal band Los Viejos started in 2010. Their first gig was on Halloween so they appeared in masks that are still worn today.
Week 3: VAJJ "Honey Pie" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
VAJJ create music that hits every mark between teenage pop and gnarly punk. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you though… this OC-based gi…
Week 2: The High Curbs "Empty Bottles" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
The High Curbs have arrived from the Inland Empire like a wild fire, ready to hit the road at every chance to play and deliver a full blast …
Week 1: The Side Eyes "Cat Call" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Propelled by singer Astrid McDonald's fierce vocal delivery over the muscular fury created from the brotherly band of shredders, Chris and K…
Volcom Presents: The Picturebooks - I Need That Oooh
Our good friends The Picturebooks just released an album "Home is a Heartache" and we premiered one of their songs "Zero Fucks Given" not to…
Run The Jewels Interview With Killer Mike & El-P
Volcom jumps in the bus with Run The Jewels to explore the connections between one of skateboarding's biggest brands and one of the hardest …
Volcom’s New Gallery-Venue-Retail Space In Austin, TX Is Home To The 2017 Fader Fort
The Volcom Garden is Volcom’s newest venture in the world of music and art!