Noa Deane

Coolangatta, Australia

Head Noise is a cinematic surf film around Noa Deane from the mind of filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu. Watch the trailer below and look out for the online release on on August 2, 2018.

Listen to Noa Deane's newest album, Bouncyball:

"Influential Contours" goes behind the scenes of Noa's quiver, revealing intricate board knowledge gained from a lifetime at his father's side.

"Aliens Was Here" ft. Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, Balaram Stack, Mitch Coleborn, Ryan Burch

Aliens Was Here is a Veeco Production starring the elite Volcom Surf Team surfing throughout Bali for 5 weeks of pumping surf. The result?!

Osmo Thrombo, The Lo-Fi B-Movie Of Hi-Fi Shredding

The real journey of an unreal lo-fi, cult, surf action, adventure, dramatic, sci-fi, fantasy, bro-mantic, comedy, feel good, B-movie of outer limits, hi-fi shredding and interstellar tube time, that quickly unravels into the most bizarre experience.

High Surf Action Cut from OSMO THROMBO

This is a modified version of Osmo Thrombo. All storytelling scenes have been removed for those looking for a stripped down surf porn fix.

Noa Deane releases "CANDLE"

a self-released edit filmed mostly around his hometown in Australia, with a few waves in the tropics:

Scoring in Coxos, Portugal, Euro Thrash continues...

Limited Release Clothing Artifacts Designed By Noa Deane

A Floating Dock in The Middle of a Surf Break - Watch "The Dock"