Plasm Plus Mod, High-Tech Boardshorts Fusing Science and Surfing

Plasm Plus Mod, High-Tech Boardshorts Fusing Science and Surfing

Ultra high-tech boardshorts fusing science and surfing like no other, the Plasm Plus Mods are Designed for Surfing… Recommended for Life!

The Plasm Plus Mod Boardshorts are our most advanced and high-tech boardshorts which includes all the bells and whistles you hoped for in a boardshort without all the drag. Featuring a technical structured fabric for extreme stretch and water repellency, state-of-the-art boardshort technology including laser cut fabric with welded seams, and an added internal personality print for that extra style.

Signature Details:

  • 4-Way Stretch: Engineer twists, yarn and space dyes with snappy stretch recovery, complimented with buttery soft cotton blends with slub, chambrays and wash interests.
  • Water Repellent: Every fabric is finished with a coating to reduce water absorption. Wicking moisture to minimize friction and faster drying.
  • Mod-Tech Cinch Fly Technology: A Volcom exclusive design innovation. Eliminating the traditional hook and loop VELCRO® for maximum comfort with minimal bulk. The unique 3 eyelet cinch function allows the drawcord to fasten in the right places for the best hold and fit.

Plasm Plus Mod Boardshort Features:

Stone Shield

The Plasm Plus Mod features Stone Shield stretch, a dual layer fabric. A water repellent smooth outer shell that is interlocked with soft pillow like inner facing. The stone pillows reduce friction while also creating moisture gutters to wick water away from your body. It's a technical structured fabric that you are gonna dig, in and out of the water!

Welded Seams

Look no further, our Plasm Plus Mod Boardshort provides state-of-the-art boardshort technology such as our precise laser cut fabric, bonded with heat sealed and welded seams. These welded seams are an intricate player in this boardshort which helps keep comfort level at its highest level with the absence of stitching, while maintaining the strong and durable quality protection you need.

Personality Print

The Plasm Plus Mod Boardshort displays an impressive internal print for a seamless transition while helping you stand out from the pack. When your boardshort flips up in the water, there’s no need in scrambling to fix it as this inside print will only add to the personality and flare of your style.