Surfer and Surfboard Shaper Ryan Burch Talks New Collection and Surfboards

Surfer and Surfboard Shaper Ryan Burch Talks New Collection and Surfboards

The Ryan Burch Experiment Collection is a unique, limited-edition capsule from San Diego surfer, shaper, and all-around crafty human, Ryan Burch.

Featuring all original artwork, Ryan Burch's aim was to make something fun that was a combination of his style and a classic Volcom look. The Ryan Burch Experiment Collection includes colorful, hand-drawn eyeballs that are seen throughout the line, including: hooded pullover sweatshirt made with Repreve® recycled fabric, short sleeve button front oxford, Stoney boardshorts made with hemp fiber fabric, three t-shirts, and an embroidered hat. The innovative print supports Ryan's belief that unparalleled minds form a paralleled universe.

To coincide with the Ryan Burch Experiment Collection release, we're sending Ryan Burch and Ozzie Wright on the Road Rager Surf Tour up and down the West and East Coasts of the U.S. to demo some Ryan Burch Surfboards, throw some art show, jam to live music, and have some good ol' fashion hang time. We welcome you to join us on our Road Rager Surf Tour:

West Coast Dates  |  East Coast Dates

Ryan Burch Experiment Collection

Along with his professional surfing and art projects, Ryan Burch Surfboards is another avenue which he has a huge passion for. Since experimenting with tons of different shapes and designs, ranging from normal thrusters to asymmetrics to fishes to longboard surfboards, he has found a good balance of shaping and surfing and a way to enjoy the ocean in any type of condition. His experience with longboard surfing, as well as progressive, shortboard surfing, has given him a holistic understanding of shaping and how to construct different boards for different waves and surfers.

Ryan Burch Surfboards are a hot item these days, and there are tons of different shapes to fit your needs, such as the Ryan Burch Fish, Mid-length surfboards, Glider Surfboard, or Asymmetrical Surfboard. Whichever Ryan Burch Surfboard you order, you'll be sure to walk away with a one-of-a-kind shape.

Ryan Burch Experiment Collection:

Burch Stoneys

When it comes to shaping surfboards, Ryan Burch eyeballs everything. That’s the inspiration behind his signature 19" Stoney boardshorts. They feature his original artwork and are constructed of Volcom’s own Stoney Hemp Sub Stretch fabric containing sustainable hemp fiber.

*Available in two colorways

Burch Shirt

With an original artwork pattern of eyeballs everywhere, the Ryan Burch short sleeve oxford stands out while somehow blending in. It's a classic fit that's perfect for those summertime days.

Hanging at one of his local spots
Cruise mode on a self-shaped sled

Burch Eye Tee

The Burch Eye Tee is the iconic look of this collection. With a large eyeball staring at you intently, coupled with the text, "unparalleled minds of a parallel universe," this tee holds no reservations. Get sucked into the vortex with an unparalleled mind.

Burch Eye Reverse Pullover Hoodie

Whether you’re checking the morning surf or need some extra warmth, the Burch Eye Reverse Pullover Hoodie has you covered. The reversed fabrication puts the soft side on the inside while still maintaining the structure of a solid hoodie. The subtle art hit on the front is perfect for an everyday hoodie, and your wardrobe!

Burch Bird Tee + Burch Stoney Boardshort
Burch Wooven + Burch Stoney Boardshort

Burch Bird Tee

Original artwork from Ryan Burch is applied to this Burch Bird Tee. It features a large bird back graphic as well as a small chest graphic on the front to complete the look. It's safe to say this bird has been Volcom Stoned.

Burch Foam Tee

Featuring a photo screen print of Ryan Burch bottom turning on an unconventional surfboard, the Burch Foam Tee includes a modern fit with a far-out design. Ryan Burch does things differently, and we appreciate that.

Burch Stoney Boardshort
Burch Eye Tee + Burch Stoney Boardshort