Get Inspired! Our Graphic Designer Shares Her Stories Behind Our Latest Tees

Get Inspired! Our Graphic Designer Shares Her Stories Behind Our Latest Tees

Here at Volcom, we don’t make clothing just to make it. Every piece is made with a specific purpose and a story to tell. We are lucky to have an incredible women’s design team who puts their heart and soul into each piece, making sure that every detail is perfect and ready for the consumer. With every job, there are hard parts and there are fun parts. For Phallen Foley, our Global Senior Graphic Designer, the fun part starts with the story.

With the release of our newest graphic tees, we decided to sit down with Phallen and pick her brain about the inspiration and story behind her favorites. Dive in below to see what she had to say!

Let's Split Tee

I love the concept of a DIY splice and sew tee. The combination of two cropped graphics is so rad, it’s like getting 2 for 1. I decided to go with two pieces of art that were inspired by bold Americana typography layouts and done in black/white/grey so it's easy to wear.

Drink It Up Pocket Tee

This tee is my favorite. It screams '80s and is also glow in the dark! So fun. We worked with artist Jamie Browne (@jamiebrowneart) who is known for his rad cocktail illustrations, and made this tee a neon sign dream.

Stone Cult Tee

Since music is a big part of Volcom’s DNA, I wanted to do a graphic that had a concert poster vibe. I featured a photo that we took at one of our events, and added some lettering with photocopied texture. Using old posters as inspiration, with a pop of pink, I really love how it evokes a sense of 1990’s nostalgia.

Decisions Tank

I love anything that is rock and roll, and especially the imagery that is used in album covers. Scenes with eagles and lightning done in reds and yellows makes for a rad graphic. Everyone has their favorite vintage band tee, and this tank is a modern take.