Surfrider Foundation Names Volcom A Surf Industry Coastal Defender!

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Surfrider Foundation Names Volcom A Surf Industry Coastal Defender!

In partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, Volcom is proud to announce our appointment as a Surf Industry Coastal Defender! The Surfrider Foundation's "Surf Industry Coastal Defenders" program is a new initiative that allows companies within the surf industry to join forces to support Surfrider's efforts to protect the world's oceans, waves and beaches.

Volcom's relationship with Surfrider goes back to 2010 when Volcom's then-head of Sustainability was in the audience at a conference where Surfrider's former CEO, Jim Moriarty, challenged all of the surf industry in attendance who weren’t supporting the Surfrider Foundation for one reason or another to think differently. He called out the fact that many of the brands in the audience perhaps felt that since Surfrider was so big and doing so much work and had so many members, that they didn’t need the support, but it was that exact reason that the surf industry SHOULD be supporting this amazing organization, because they do so much to protect our oceans, waves and beaches.

The message hit home and that very year Volcom formalized an annual partnership with the Surfrider Foundation. Since then, Volcom's worked with local Surfrider chapters in various ways and have for years now, sponsored a local beach clean up with Huntington Beach/Seal Beach Chapter.

When it came time this year to further extend Volcom's partnership with Surfrider, the idea was to increase Volcom's commitment to Surfrider and their campaigns and in doing so Volcom is now included in their new initiative, the "Surf Industry Coastal Defenders" program. This new program gives surf industry companies the opportunity to give back to the place where they work and play. If beaches are closed, the water is polluted or surf breaks are lost due to coastal development, the surf industry as a whole is impacted - not just in the revenue bottom line but also in the loss of the special places that make the sport so unique.