Valentine's Day with Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace

Valentine's Day with Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace

We spent the day with lovebirds Ozzie Wright and Mylee Grace as they took us on a tour of their lovely, eccentric home and gave us some insight to their daily routine, relationship and well-wishes for the world.

How did you two meet? Was it love at first sight?
Mylee: We met in Ozzie's family home. Our mums were friends. I was only 10-years old and Ozzie was 19. His mum, Cathy, was famous for hosting dinner parties. She made an excellent hummus. I remember getting mega butterflies when Ozzie was around. I have a vivid memory of mum coming into my room one day and telling me Ozzie's mum told her that Ozzie said he'd marry me if I wasn't so young. I remember wishing so bad I was older. He must have been my first crush. It wasn't until my 21st birthday party that we shared our first kiss.

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Can you describe what a day in the life is like with Ozzie and Mylee?
Ozzie: Mornings when Rocky and Goldie have school, I make lunch boxes half asleep while Goldie usually demands I hand feed her toast while insisting on wearing inappropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Rocky is pretty laid back. He usually cooperates after hearing the request five times.
Mylee: Once the kids are at school, if I'm not working in the studio with Dusty Road Upholstery, Ozzie and I will surf together. Followed by coffee and emails. Usually, we'll discuss what jobs are on the go and figure out what's top of the list. We'll tick some boxes and have some fun. Before you know it, it's time to pick up the kids and we'll attempt a fam-jam or family shred session.
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Ozzie, the pieces from your new Anti Bad Vibe Shield Collection with Volcom seem to carry a cohesive message of peace and love. Can you tell us a little about the collection and where you got your inspiration?
Ozzie: I'm constantly drawing, and slogans are always popping into my head. Sometimes they’re super positive and sometimes downright evil. I like to design clothes with positive messages to hopefully spread happiness and remind people to care about nature and each other. I'm stoked how the collection turned out!
Ozzie and his art
Mylee Grace and Ozzie Wright
What are three things you're most grateful for?
Mylee: Our healthy children and the spirited sparkle in their eyes. Living in a town with fun waves and a strong sense of community. Doing what we love for a job.

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What’s your Valentine’s Day tradition?
Mylee: One year we had a picnic on Valentines day , but sometimes we don't remember that it's even Valentine's day! Can't say we do presents or roses , but we might try to escape from our kids and surf together.
What are some words of advice you can give to the world right now?
Mylee: Speak your truth and speak it always from the heart. Listen to goodies and ignore the baddies.

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