Volcom Garden Now Open In Austin, Texas

Volcom Garden Now Open In Austin, Texas

The Volcom Garden is a one-of-a-kind retail boutique, a full-time art gallery and live music venue with backline and recording capabilities.

Soon, it will also be home to a unique skate-able landscape in the expansive backyard, starting with the recently constructed mini-ramp. The gallery is curated by skate-art legend and Austin resident Michael Sieben who also heads up Volcom's art program worldwide. In addition, The Garden serves as the physical embodiment of Volcom's "True To This" mantra by providing a free creative hub for the local scene with an emphasis on both regional and global creators, makers, musicians, artists and anyone that needs an outlet to express their passion.

Check out the exclusive Volcom Garden collection, only available at the Volcom Garden an online at volcom.com.


Run The Jewels Live At The Garden in Austin, TX

Hello, My Name Is Michael Sieben

A Volcom Featured Artist for the past 13 years, Michael Sieben has been hired by Volcom to serve as their Global Art Curator.

The Volcom Garden is located at 1209 East 6th Street in Austin, Texas.