Welcome Home Noa Deane

Welcome Home Noa Deane

An ode to arrival of Noa Deane to the Volcom team as penned by Vaughn Blakey

Noa Deane hears Mudhoney. He speaks his own tongue. He chooses tweaked-out throwaways over the same ol' end section air-revos. He hates when shit is cooked, loves when it’s fucken sick. Noa digs oversized tees and loose-fitting jeans, and bunny hops into rock slab pits. His Thrasher hat got stolen at a Goons of Doom gig. Did you steal it? Give it back. Nah, it’s cool, he got a new one for Christmas.

photo: Andrew Shield

Noa loves his mom and dad, loves playing his strat super loud in his bedroom all by himself, loves his mates… absolutely fucken loves them. He’s right into his girl, but he keeps that on the down-low because he wants to give her space, doesn’t want to smother her. He knows the value of lightness. Noa lives in a shed in Ozzie Wright’s backyard, he had photos of Oz on his wall as a grom. Had photos of Alien, of Barney, of Bruce. He wanted to ride for the Stone even then. Couldn’t say why, but could feel why. Freedom. Kin. Moxie. The Stone was fizzing with it. He knew one day it would happen, but first… the usual rounds: boardriders, grom bashings, Nationals, stickers, passports, surf trips, magazine covers, :), Tuff, busted ankles, Cheese IIStrange Rumblings, A.I. Breakthrough, “surfs like Dane, looks like Cobain,” Skegss, Cluster, …the WSL, Pulp, and Blister, until he suddenly arrived here, at this moment, right now. The start of the rest of his life…

photo: Andrew Shield

Noa is a good person. A person who can change people’s perceptions about surfing for the better just by being himself, saying what he thinks, surfing how he feels. He’s the antidote to surfing with a plan, a torch to the spreadsheets that turn riding oceans into a pile of stinking numbers. He’s got the DNA of every surfing miscreant and rabble-rouser and hot-blooded purist in his veins, and the delightful ignorance of youth on his side. He’s the living, breathing embodiment of the Stone. If Volcom had a baby, Noa Deane would be it. Welcome Home...

"When I signed with Volcom, a childhood dream had come to life, also it feels like a privilege for me to be in with such a bad ass family / team of people who include my friends and people I look up to.” - Noa
photo: Andrew Shield
"Words cannot express how excited we are about Noa Deane, he shares our same passions and is the absolute perfect fit for the brand." - Brad Dougherty, Global VP of Surf
photo: Andrew Shield

Noa Dean vital statsBirthday: August 2, 1994
Born: Tweed Heads Hospital, AUS
Hometown: Coolangatta, AUS
Currently Resides: Suffolk Park, AUS
Surfboard: 6'1 x 19" x 2 3/8"
Surf Stance: Natural
Skate Stance: Goofy
Writes: Right-handed
Plays Guitar: Left-handed
Plays Drums: Right-handed
Band: Melvins
Wave: Broken Head
Food: Mexican and Japanese
Color: Yellow
Clothing: Suit pants
Owns: A cello
Sleeps: Under an aquarium shower curtain
Likes: 2 Pac
Pre-Surf: Wax the top of my feet
Skills: Cutting onions
Scared: Spiders
Trip: Rage movie trip. Camping and surfing pumping, isolated waves with mates
Style: Dylan Rieder
Hobbies: Music, skating, collaging
TV: Louis Theroux documentaries
Goals: To keep doing what I'm doing and to create stuff that lasts
Influences: All my mates, certain music, family
Quote: "Nothing's new, nobody cares." - Andrew Kidman
True To: I'm true to surfing 100% every wave even if you blow it. I'm true to all my mates, true to the music I like, and also true to speaking my mind.
Makes: music