What Makes A Pair of Jeans Designed For Skateboarding?

What Makes A Pair of Jeans Designed For Skateboarding?

Volcom Stone Made jeans, designed in collaboration with Volcom’s world-renown skate team

Being able to travel light is a must for guys like Collin Provost, the less he has to take with him on a skate trip, the more free he will be to make the most of his time on the road. And essential to traveling light is only needing a single pair of jeans that will hold up in any situation you find yourself in.

"When I'm out on the road,
I only bring one pair of jeans.

Meticulously engineered for life on the road, Volcom Stone Made products feature the highest quality materials with one or more groundbreaking technologies integrated at the fiber level; "Superior Stretch" with Cone Denim's S GENE® technology, "Stop the Stench" helping to keep your jeans smelling better for longer, "Durability" enhancing resistance to tears and abrasions, and "Water Resistance" increasing liquid and stain repellency.

Built to withstand being straight up thrashed in rough ditches, sweat in, not being washed for weeks at a time, and above all else, being stretchy. This is what makes a pair of jeans designed for skateboarding.

"You don't want to be battling your pants.
They gotta work, it's the only way."

With stretch such an important element of building functional and comfortable jeans and chinos, we at Volcom are continuing to innovate around this key attribute. Our decade-plus relationship with Cone Denim® continues to bear innovative new products, like the exclusive introduction of Cone's S GENE® stretch technology into new classic chino-style fine twill fabrics found in the new Vorta 5-pocket slub jeans as well as the Frickin Regular fit chinos.

By combining Cone's over 125 years of experience in making denim with Volcom's "designed for skateboarding" philosophy, we are producing jeans and chinos that meet the performance and comfort needs of serious athletes while also being "recommended for life" when it comes to time off the asphalt.

Inspired by button closures found on military gear, our dual finish metal buckle button is secured by a bar tacked piece of denim fabric for a durable and nearly indestructible hold.

Designed to accommodate various belt sizes, from a standard 1.5" leather belt, to a 1" cloth scout belt, down to a shoelace.

Our patented inner phone pocket (left front) keeps your phone snugly secure while leaving your pocket free for your hands and everyday carry objects.