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Wade Goodall White (Single Tab) - White

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Wade Goodall (Single Tab)


Template: Balanced—suits many boards and conditions.

Size: Recommended for medium size surfers 140 lbs. to 195 lbs. (63 kg. to 88 kg.)

Construction:Fiberglass Construction

Flex: Stiff

Compatibility: Futures (Single Tab)

When designing his fin set, Wade Goodall wanted a simple graphic that looked good in every board—a nod to the glass-on era of fins. He also wanted a template that held true through turns but has release when you want it. The larger side fins combine with a smaller trailer so there's no need to switch between sizes and is also good for all types of boards including shortboards, fish, and step-ups. "I wanted a fin that held true on rail, but still had an easily accessible release point, hence the larger side fins and slightly smaller trailer. This is a really versatile set which means more fun all around!"

Fin Specification Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.34 13.98
Height 4.65 4.38
Base 4.47 4.25
Foil Flat 50/50

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