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Plasm Plus Mod Boardshorts

Featuring our Stone Shield, a dual layer waterproof fabric. Think of it as little pillows that prevent rashes, keeping you in the water all day.

Volcom X Ozzie Wright

The Original Anti Bad Vibe Shield

Volcom X GMJ
Inspired by the 90's

Our Boldest Volcom x GMJ collection yet sees Georgia May bringing back Volcom's iconic collage all over print. Originally created in the 90's, it is a true throwback to our brand DNA refreshed for a modern audience. Her custom-made patches that feature her famous gap tooth, an original 90's Volcom smiley face and a skateboarding kitten are placed all over her boyfriend fit jeans and bomber jacket. Colorful tie dyes and rainbows inspired by previous decades are unashamedly playful and bright.

Recommended for Life

Volcom Brand Chinos

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