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Totally Crustaceous Tour - Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

THE MONO AULLADOR SURF SERIES TOOK PLACE IN EPIC SURF AT PLAYA HERMOSA, COSTA RICA MAE! We woke up at 5am to check the waves and much to our surprise we saw epic Playa Hermosa Condition with double overhead bombs showing up. We hurried to set up the tents and get the contest started as kids started showing around 6:30 am to secure their spot at the contest. Heats started around 9am with the Pro-Am division and we saw the first epic barrel of the day from Noemar Mcgonaggle just before the horn. The contest went smoothly until we hit the low tide that forced us put it on standby until 1pm. In the meantime staff from the contest started filling up some water bombs and the war was on! Things got even wilder when some kids started pouring cherry and blueberry syrup with a little bit of flour everywhere! The contest was back on at 1pm with the under 10 division and the whole crowd at the beach was pumped up seeing this little rats charging triple overhead waves. Around 5 pm the finals took place, where our birthday boy Noemar Mcgonaggle took the win over Cali’s Muñoz brother, Alberto Muñoz. He received his check along with eggs, flour, syrup and people singing happy birthday. Congrats to all the finalists for such an amazing event and their level of surfing. Pura Vida! TCT “Mono Aullador” Layout at beautiful Playa Hermosa. Local kids signing up at the event. We built a slide for the kids. Stonegirl. We gave the kids healthy food and drinks. Kids playing with syrup and flour. Pura vida! Little girl getting ready to charge triple overhead waves. Grommie attack Valentina Resana with only 9 came from Nicaragua and showed the boys how to do it right. Nino’s Myrie son Ziggy keeping the talent alive. Off the lip. Palito won the under 16 division with turns like this. Noemar Mcgonaggle won the Pro-am division and will be flying to Newport. Custom Volcom Coconut Trophies.
Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Championships - Mammoth Mountain, CA 2014

Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Global Championships converged upon Mammoth Mountain, CA April 19, 2014. Thank You To All The Competitors, Family Members, And Staff That Make The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Tour Special! This year’s finale marked a decade of PBRJ Championships held in the Unbound Terrain Park giving a real indication that Volcom is certainly “True To This.”  Riders from around the globe were invited to compete for their piece of the $16,500 cash purse while testing their skills against the best up and coming rail riders in the game.  This truly international field of competitors traveled from many locations including Japan, Norway, France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, and of course the United States.  It is amazing to hear about the voyages made to get to this point with many unbelievable tales to be told. From canceled flights to closed mountain pass roads; these competitors would not be held back as they geared up for the day’s action to begin. The 15 & Under Division was ready to run rampant on the custom contest site as spectators jostled for their viewing positions.  Hot out of the gate, Utah’s Joey Fava got things going with a solid 50-50 boardslide on the flat down rail in zone 1, a textbook bs boardslide pretzel out on the waterfall rail in zone 2, and finished things up with a cab 270 fs blunt 270 out to the flats off the diving board rail in zone 1 that sealed the deal for 1st place.  Minnesota’s Cam Kaiser had the juices flowing with tricks like his half cab tail press bs 360 out off the diving board rail in zone 1 for a rousting 2nd place.  Ontario Canada’s Quinn Dubios wrapped up his season with a solid performance that included a nose press tail grab late fs 180 in zone 1 and a 50-50 boardslide 270 out that helped him into the remaining 3rd place podium position. The entire division demonstrated that snowboarding has a rich group of youth ready to take on the bounds and so called limits for years to come. Fs Boardslide Down The Zone 2 Waterfall Rail Luke Zajac Linking Together the 50' Long Flat Down Rail In Zone 3 Utah's Joey Fava Inching Out To The Deep End Of The Diving Board With A Cab 270 On 270 Out In Zone 1 The 16 – 21 Division was now ready to get to work as they went to the top and strapped up.  There was a lot of camaraderie going on before the heat as they shook out the cobwebs and pumped each other up.  The excitement built quickly as Minnesota’s Eddie Fauth decided to attempt the first gap trick of the day on the massive flat down rail in zone 1 missing the apex of the rail by millimeters and stopping hearts.  Hot on Eddie’s heals; Jed Sky gapped out to fs boardslide and then gap fs 270 lip. From there Jed continued to push forward with tricks like a buttered in half cab to 50-50 bs 360 out on the diving board rail impressing the judges and helping him into 1st place.  Not to be outdone, Eddie Fauth came right back as he chipped away with his own gap fs boardslide in zone 3, half cab 50-50 fs 360 out in zone 1, and a gap fs 270 lip on the waterfall rail in zone 2 for 2nd place.  MN’s rein would not stop there as Benny Milam hammered out the goods with a gap bs 360 50-50 bs 180 out in zone 2 and a cab 270 fs blunt 630 out in zone 1 for the 3rd place spot. Minnesota Grown Garrett McKenzie Gaps 30+ Feet To Flat From A High Speed 50-50 In Zone 3 Minnesota's Benny Milam Squared Up With A Gap Bs Lipslide in Zone 2   British Columbia's Kody Yarosloski Grabs Indy While He Flexes For The Camera Minnesota's Eddie Fauth Goes For The Gusto With A Gap Bs 270 Lipslide In Zone 3 The Women’s Open Division was next to take center stage as the sun shined and the slush built up.  It was apparent that the ladies weren’t messing around as we witnessed a stomped 50-50 fs 360 off the diving board rail in zone 1 that got things started off heavy.  Norway’s Dina Treland came from across the pond spicing things up with some international inspired shred.  She had the judges turning their heads with tricks like her half cab 50-50 boardslide combo down the waterfall rail in zone 2 that aided her 1st place standing.  California’s Danika Duffy kept things tight as she pulled a half cab 50-50 bs 180 out in zone 1, 50-50 boardslide combo in zone 3, and a gap lipslide in zone 2 for the 2nd place nod.  Minnesota’s Kayli Hendricks held the Midwest in the top 3 with tricks like her sw lip 270 out in zone 1, bs lip to fakie in zone 3, and a fs boardslide to fakie in zone 2 to earn a 3rd place podium position. California's Melissa Evans Exiting The Zone 1 Diving Board In Style Kayli Hendricks Having It Her Way With A Fs Boardslide Down The Waterfall Rail In Zone 2 Dina Treland Came From Norway To Become The 2014 Global PBRJ Women's Champion PBJ, Pizza, and Smiles! Volcom's Johnny Lazz Woke Up To A Pizza Party Hangover. The Men’s Open Division was now ready to light the lamp and send this one into overtime. Each year these young men seem to out preform expectations as they charge the features with reckless abandon.  We saw a vast array of tricks including a straight on up and over nollie nose press on the waterfall rail in zone 2, half cab 50-50 bs 360 50-50 fs 180 out on the flat down rail in 3, and a bs 360 50-50 fs 360 off the zone 1 diving board to name a few.  Belgium’s Kevin Trammer had some serious style and a quiet killer approach. He was able to capture the title of PBRJ Global Champion with smooth bs lipslide combinations and a technical bs 180 sw 50-50 sw fs boardslide on the waterfall rail in zone 2.  Mammoth local Mike Gray knows the ins and outs of the Unbound terrain park with the home field advantage. He powered through the features to bring home 2nd place with tricks like his fs blunt 450 in zone 1 and a gap out cab 270 fs boardslide 270 out on the waterfall rail in zone 2.  Colorado’s John Myre had a hustle in his step demolishing the zones with tricks like his fs bluntslide 180 boardslide 270 out to the very end of the flat down rail in zone 3 obtaining 3rd place honors. All the competitors had their A game on, leaving the crowd cheering for more. Minnesota's Mike Skiba Finds That A 50' Rail Is Childs Play For His Skills Washington's Stefan "Krumm Bucket" Krumm Planting On Top Of The Wall For $1000 and Electric California's "Gooeyest Move of The Event" Japan's Ryoki Ogawa Straight Down The Pipes In Zone 2 Norway's Eirik Nesse Floating A High Speed Boardslide Gap To Tranny Finder In Zone 3 Mammoth Local Mike Grey Tail Spinning Out Of The Diving Board In Zone 1 Belgium's Kevin Trammer With One Of The Nicest Bs Lipslides Of The Day We would like to extend a huge thank you to Molly and TJ Dawoud, Caroline Casey, Lauren Burke, Tommy Smith, Tucker Watson, Spencer Myers, and everyone from Mammoth for their diligence throughout the PBRJ championship event.  Much respect to all of the Unbound Terrain Park staff for a great set up and support with keeping the contest site on point throughout the day. Thanks to Kevin Westinbarger for the lens work!  Thanks to Sam King, Tony Conrad, and Matt Robinson for handling the score sheets and keeping eyes on all the madness.  Mad props to Danny Thomas, Tom Lippen, and Weston Park for their help with event logistics and spotting. Thank you to the Volcom family Oren Tanzer, Kurt Blasman, Pat Barraza, Jeff Kabigting, Kurt Thayer, Jeff Arnold, Jeb Desigaud, Jan Prokes, Chris Martinez, Daniel Cabral, and Sandra Gonzalez for their Stone support. Lastly, please check out our awesome PBRJ Championship sponsors, listed below, that added the extra hype at awards. -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -Gatorade -Kicker Audio -Fender -Cam Caddie Results: 15 & Under Division 1st:  Joey Fava (Utah) - $1200 2nd: Cam Kaiser (Minnesota) - $1,000 3rd: Quinn Dubios (Ontario) - $700 4th: Reid Smith (New Jersey) - $350 5th:  Luke Zajac (Minnesota) - $250 16-21 Division: 1st: Jed Sky (New Hampshire) – 1,200 2nd: Eddie Fauth (Minnesota) - $1,000 3rd: Benny Milam (Minnesota) - $700 4th: Garrett McKenzie (Minnesota) - $350 5th: Kyle Roles (California) - $250 Women's Open Division: 1st: Dina Treland (Norway) - $1,200 2nd: Danika Duffy (California)- $1,000 3rd: Kayli Hendricks (Minnesota) - $700 4th: Melissa Evans (California) - $350 5th: Narumi Sakuma (Japan) - $250 Men's Open Division: 1st: Kevin Trammer (Belgium) - $1,500 2nd: Mike Gray (California) - $1,250 3rd: John Myre (Colorado) - $1,000 4th: Eirik Nesse (Norway) - $500 5th: Ryoki Ogawa (Japan) - $250 Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Event”: Stefan Krumm (Washington) - $1000 Rev’d Rider: Eirik Nesse (Norway) - $500 Special Awards: Heavy Slash – Anthony Leyva Jr (California) Tough As Nails – Caleb Bonneville (California) Holding It Together - Jukka Tyni (Finland Line Less Traveled – Tucker Speer (California) Happy Camper – Alex Irons (California) The Day Ended With An Epic Screening Of Volcom's Featured Film True To This At The Underground In The Village At Mammoth! Check Out The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram 
Volcom Qualifying Series

TCT Surf Tour Highlights - March 2014

Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour finished off the regional season with some knockdown events from Seaside Reef, Domes, Makaha, and Pinetrees. See you all at The TCT Global Champs in May!

Volcom Ent Vinyl Club: Play It LOUD!!!

Fresh new releases from the Volcom Ent Vinyl Club (it's not too late to subscribe) are available now; featuring new tunes from The Blank Tapes (VEVC 0037) and Fat Tony (VEVC 0038), both releases are streaming on the Volcom Entertainment Bandcamp page. Responsible for the video above where the Volcom Ent Vinyl Club mascot Skratchy comes to life through the magic of claymation is our pal Wartella who also designed a new VEVC tee that is available now in limited quantities. Better grab one now before they're gone!

Festival Fever

Coachella has officially ended and it is a sad time of year for all of us festival lovers. Now all that is left are rad stories and crazy memories to last us another 365 days. Let the countdown begin! For the first weekend of Coachella, we were lucky enough to be at The Vestal Village campground where there was plenty of live music, booze and room to run around and get rowdy! If you didn't make the trip, don't worry! We captured great moments to share with all. Our girl Elena Hight swayin' to the music from her RV!  Relaxing by the water in her Volcom Bikini for a much needed break from the blazing sun Until next year... Keep the good vibes rollin'!

Coachella Essentials x OnTheRacks

Hangin' OnTheRacks and talking Coachella essentials with the lover of shoes, booze and adventure, Laura Ellner! "Coachella Week 1 was an absolute blast, and Volcom provided some seriously sweet essentials for the hot, hot desert heat! These boots were an absolute must for trekking around the sandy festival, and the "Eff Yah" loafers were such a hit with the fun, playful crowd. No better place to wear some sassy kicks than Coachella!" "Loved sporting the salmon, laser cut shorts with a basic white crop top and accessories galore (didn't hurt that they matched my newly dyed pink hair!). So perfect for poolside hangouts or party hopping. Fun and flirty...adding that extra somethin' to your standard cutoffs with the cute color and quirky detailing!" "I am such a fan of a romper. Easy, breezy - throw it on and you are done! Good to GO. Love this tie-dye style, and am also way obsessed with an all white ruffled number that I'll be sharing shortly in an outfit post! All ideal essentials for Coachella, or any other warm-weather festivals...and we know there are plenty more to come!" Check out her blog about fashion, life and libations! OnTheRacks