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backcountry Valhalla

Valuable Lessons, Estelle Pensiero Shares Her Experience In BC’s Vahalla Backcountry

backcountry tip from baldface guides

Guide Proven Backcountry Tips From Baldface Guides

We have teamed up with the Guides at Baldface Lodge to bring you Guide Proven backcountry tips, insights and awareness to things you will want to learn to help you and your crew stay safe in the backcountry.
backcountry lines

Backcountry Awareness With The Pros' Backcountry Essentials

Baldface Lodge's Jeff Pensiero moderates a Backcountry Awareness panel with Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, and Elena Hight where each shares their backcountry experiences, including what they wear and carry when venturing into the backcountry.
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Volcom To Spritzerland - A Dave Seoane Film Experience

Direct from the power source by the luminary cinematic originator Dave Seoane, (Roadkill, Subjekt Haakonsen and The White Album) with Jamie Lynn, Elena Hight, Seth Huot, Richard Woolcott, Remy Stratton, Pat Field and friends at Baldface in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
backcountry snowboarding

Snowboarding Baldface With Our Guide Proven Technology Outerwear

Every year revolving members of our Volcom Snow program make a pilgrimage up the interior British Columbia highway to one of Canada’s favorite powder country getaways near Nelson, BC to the one and only Baldface Lodge.