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7th Annual Volcom x Patagonia Beach Cleanup - Chiba, Japan!
Gloomy skies and rain were in the forecast, but once again, the skies opened up and we were blessed with beautiful weather for the 7th Annual Volcom X Patagonia Beach Cleanup in Chiba, Japan, serving as a continued effort in our ongoing journey of turning sustainability commitments into actions! Together with local surf shop CHP and JEAN (Japan Environmental Action Network), 300+ volunteers, including families, children, and local riders, joined us at Ichinomiya Beach in the Chiba Prefecture to clean up the local coastlines of East Japan. Participants were greeted with a limited edition Volcom x Patagonia tee, which over the years has become such an honored collectable item it has been selling at a premium on auction sites in Japan. Photos by GEN As participants brought waste back to the site, JEAN set up an area where they surveyed the variety of waste and educated the kids on the most prevalent things found on the Japanese shorelines. Silver Ribbon was also at the event and set up an amazing booth where participants could make a Volcom Stone purse or wallet, whose materials are sourced from recycled Volcom fabric swatches left over from previous season's sample products. Even Clam Art set up a booth to display their amazing creations! With tons of free Sambazon drinks handed out to the hard-working participants, locally grown organic fruits, produce, coffee, and baked goods, the event had participants and families walking away with more than a couple free goodies: they walked away with a sense of accomplishment, a good deed, and tons of smiles for a great cause. Thanks to all the volunteers and participants: Shell Shine workshop "Clam Art," Silver Ribbon Japan & Yumegaoka DC, local production for yeast bread Nao, Nachuraroha, Sunny And, Pot Satsuki, AKYU SurfBoardCase, Ambessa & Co, Ancora Pizza Napoletana, Atlantic Coffee Stand, Cocoua, Comet, CHP, GEN, JEAN, Lilia Ando YAYA, Mind, Patagonia Japan, Patagonia Surf Chiba, Sambazon, Sewcean, Smile Smile, and Sunrise Ando Yonrise Locals.  
From June 27 to June 29, skaters had three days to skate three Berlin spots and post a clip of their best trick at each spot on Instagram, tagging #Volcom3Streets2Berlin. Deadline for posts was Thursday 29 June, 4pm and the 8000€ winner was announced on that day at a Boat Party right next to the Bright tradeshow. Needless to say, the new concept surprised a bit the skaters involved who had to adapt their game, with no one-minute-run stress or jam session hassle, but also no one on their back to get the tricks done, to post before deadline, not get caught inside of the endless free beer parties, improvising themselves filmers for their buddies or struggling to find some Wifi or a power socket… In the end Eniz Fazliov took the win after an hectic day of skateboarding (rushing to the last spot before deadline), and the celebration party on the Volcom boat that followed is in the books. The spots saw plenty new tricks and some good friendly sessions went down, check out the top clips that were posted below, special mention to Andy Welther, Kris Vile, Karsten Kleppan, Jarne Verbruggen, Phil Zwijsen, Jelle Maatman, Daniel Spängs, Nils Ingemarsson, Bart Buikman and all the other skaters that entered ! Photographer Dennis Mac Grath was in town and wrote some lines about him documenting the three days « contest », enjoy his photos below : Flashbacks to the Life I’ve Lived Spending the Summer in Europe has always been a treat for American skaters. Whether it be traveling around to contests or in my case 13-14 years ago (yeah I’m old) it was living in Barcelona and sometimes not just for the Summer months.... This year I decided to come to Berlin, on a whim. I was moving out of my house in Los Angeles and a friend of mine offered me his flat here for a few months since LA life was starting to drag me down a bit. Once I arrived I connected with some people and was asked to document a free- form skate contest called Three Streets to Berlin. My career (if you can call it that) shooting skate photos lasted from 1995-2005 although I still work in and around the skateboarding world quite a bit....these days I am more focused on documentary projects, etc so it was a pleasure to get to document skaters once again for a few days out skating in the streets. I still skate a lot but don’t have my camera with me as much as I used to when out skating and I mostly skate with my old fart friends back home so I’m not around the kids much anymore. All I can say is things haven’t changed much other than the level of skating....skateboarders are the realest, rawest individuals I’ve ever known and I am so glad to have been apart of this culture for the past 30 years. All I can say is I met some cool ass talented kids this week. Skateboarders rule the world.... Thanks to Julien and Bemo at BLAM, Volcom, and especially Lucas Fiederling for bringing me out in the streets for the past 3 days. Please enjoy.... - Dennis McGrath Volkspark "the tit" session in full swing.... Patrick Rogalski Neu National Galerie "ledge to drop" Eniz Fazliov and Denny Pham In the mix... Kris Vile charging at "the tit" Victor Pellegrin Nassim Guammaz and Victor's frow Nassim and Victor Axel Cruysberghs, Phil Zwijsen and Nassim Shajen Willems Karsten Kleppan and Denny Pham Denny with broken truck bolt Polizei (FTP) Karsten, Shajen and Denny checking footy on the iPhone and the winner is....Eniz Fazliov! Here are the videos : Last but not least, here is the winner ENIZ FAZLIOV :
Don Pendleton Artshow Opening Party, Bordeaux, France
To celebrate the collaboration with Don Pendleton, Volcom organised an artshow at "L'Atelier Les Mains Sales”; a new venue in Bordeaux, France. The opening party took place on Thursday 17th March and was a banger, with free beers (brewed next door), cheese & ham from the close by Pyrenees mountains and of course wine from Bordeaux. Some records were spun, plenty of goodies given away and while the crowd started to warm up, Don Pendleton painted a new piece for the Bordeaux Volcom store. Cheaap (Check them out here: played live and sealed the deal with a solid set, keeping party spirits high. We cleansed the night away the next day at the Volcom store Bordeaux located at 32 rue Ste Catherine with drinks and party stories whilst setting up the piece which Don Pendleton had painted the previous evening. The exhibition location is at a great site; part of an old military facility that is now home to artist workshops, a restaurant, music studios, a skatepark, plenty of DIY skate spots and more, so don’t hesitate to stop by! The exhibition is open until April 8th. Thanks to everyone who made it a great party, and especially to the Les Sauvages crew for the venue and help. Thanks also to the Darwin ecosystem and all Volcom crew that gave a hand running the bar! See the collection here:
Ten more lucky Butterfish qualifers heading to Lowers!
The beautiful Ventura hills, the screaming children, and the obscure noise from the fairgrounds all add up to one thing... The TCT Butterfish must be back at C-street! With El Niño and giant surf forcing us to move the event to March, we pulled up to the beach and were greeted with perfect little surf and beautiful weather. Ten coveted spots were available for Volcom's TCT Global Championships at Lower Trestles and the best of the best showed up to try to earn their spots. Check below for full recap of the day and a closer look into our Ventura Qualifiers. Levi Slawson missed the cut for Lowers but you can bet we will see him in Newport. C-Street in Ventura never seems to disappoint when it come to waves. David Economos letting the tail fly during the early rounds, but fell short for Lowers spot. However being local to San Clemente you can bet we will be seeing him again this year. Our fearless leader loading up the slings shot to send some "Fast Food Wienerschnitzel" to the hungry Groms. They received it very well! The Squids had their hands full all day with the competition. Here Lucas Owsten rounds out the day with a respectable fourth place finish. Liam Osborne by far holds the record for the most Watermelon Awards. This one makes it four. Kairi Noro took 5th in the stacked Juniors division and with being on the younger side of the division we should be seeing him for years to come. Wienerschnitzel has been a proud sponsor of the tour and we look forward to them serving us for a long time. Shane Borland is a veteran of the TCT, but unfortunately will be looking forward to the upcoming Santa Cruz event to earn his spot to Lowers. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE KICKER GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN Kairi Noro finding a long line in the earlier round to put him into the finals.     RESULTS Nolan Rapoza will be looking to reclaim his title, only this year it will be in the Pro-Am Division. After taking the win in the absolutely stacked Juniors Division final last year at Lowers his eyes are set on the main prize in his first year as a Pro-Am. He also walked home $500 richer (in $2 Bills) with the Win at the Butterfish. PRO-AM 1. Nolan Rapoza - $500.00 2. Josh Benjoy 3. Jonah Pierce 4. Andrew Jacobson 5. Matt Passaquindici 6. Jay Christienson Eithan Osborne and Micky Clark are very close friends although they will both be attending Lowers it was Eithan and his dominant front-side that took down the win at the Butterfish. Eithan fell short at the River Jetties portion last year in less then stellar surf and now with Champs being all four days at Lowers you can bet Eithan will be one of the favorites to take the win. JUNIORS 1. Eithan Osborne 2. Micky Clarke 3. Yuori Ogasawara 4. Nathan Carrabba 5. Kairi Noro 6. Nick Marshall Kade Matson missed out on the first California event of the year for another event and had some worry coming into this event with only a few qualifying events left this year. He disregarded all of it and won the event. Now with both Matsons (Dane qualified at Seaside Reed, Squids) in the Global Champs they will begin their run at a double sibling championship. GROMS 1. Kade Matson 2. Sebastian Mendez 3. Nolan Rodgers 4. Dimitri Poulos 5. Fisher Baxter 6. Jabe Swiercocki Jack Ziets is a relativity new name in the finals for the TCT. So let us be the first to Volcongratulate him on his Victory and wish him the best of luck on his Journey to TCT Global Champs. Brayden Burch is on the other end of that spectrum and will be an immediate front runner to take the win at Lowers. SQUIDS 1. Jack Ziets 2. Brayden Burch 3. Noah Steinmetz 4. Lucas Owsten 5. Wheeler Hasburgh 6. Pitas Higgans Alyssa Spencer has become a staple, not just at the TCT events but in the finals, particularity in the top spot. She will no doubt take that winning mentality to her favorite wave in Lowers. Being from Encinitas you have to think she will have some familiar knowledge at the big show. GIRLS 1. Alyssa Spencer 2. Bethany Zelasko 3. Samantha Sibley 4. Frankie Seely 5. Reika Noro 6. Chiasa Maruyama WATERMELON AWARD Liam Osborne All photos provided by: Luke Kosgrov and Brock Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Growing In The Right Direction - Ron Jon's Beach 'N Boards Fest!
Cocoa Beach, Florida was once again the host to the 2016 Beach ‘N Board Fest from March 11- 13. The Beach was alive with many different events and attractions surrounding the Vans x Ron Jon WSL 1,000 and WSL JR Pro with Volcom East Coast rippers Balaram Stack & Noah Schweizer surfing in the WSL 1,000. Just like last year, Volcom teamed up with Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB) – a local non-profit organization – to be the official sustainability sponsors of the event. Our efforts included providing and coordinating proper waste management, a volunteer-led planting of sea oats, as well as educational tutorials led by our partners at Repreve. This give back sustainability campaign incorporated educational and physical acts to ensure that surfers and beach goers will have a viable and healthy beach to enjoy for years to come. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause and for all the fun! Volcom surf team athletes Balaram Stack and Noah Schweizer were on hand and in the trenches helping right alongside event spectators and volunteers to plant the much-needed sea oats. Balaram Stack Noah Schweizer Happy campers! Teaching the young! Supergrom learning the ropes. Debbie Harvey, Ron Jon Surf Shop Sea oats are an essential part of the eco-system, as they provide a natural barrier to protect from beach erosion.  On both Saturday and Sunday eager volunteers planted over 200 sea oat sprouts.  Combined with our efforts from last year the campaign has successfully nourished a 50-yard section of dune line directly behind the event. It was great to have Repreve in attendance as well, telling the story of the sustainability efforts we’re making with one of our newest lines of boardshorts.  Using their onsite mobile unit, Repreve walked interested patrons through the processes the company uses to transform recycled bottles into a fiber that is eventually turned into fabric for Volcom’s Mod-Tech Boardshorts. Thank you to Crystal Colbert from Repreve for all the support! 2016 Volcom Boardshorts on display.  Balaram Stack throwin' it up in the Ron Jon Vans Pro. Photo: Dugan / ESM Noah Schweizer was able to make it to Round 4, but fell short of advancement into the Quarterfinals. Photo: Dugan / ESM
WORST Wipeouts at 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro
The 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro brought some of the best surfers in the world to what many call the deadliest wave in the world, for a riveting competition over three days in late January. Nature, which can often make or break a surf contest, was firing, producing some of the heaviest swells of the year and the most jaw-dropping wipeouts seen at the event in years. Take a short break from whatever you're doing and check out these must-see wipeouts from this year's Volcom Pipe Pro.