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Prince Charles Cinema
October 7, 2015
Les Bourdaines, Avenue des Arenes
October 8, 2015
Paramount Theater
October 9, 2015
Santoloco - Surf & Skateshop
October 9, 2015


Daniel Norton and Kelly Scroggs Earn Their Spots at Lowers During the Annual TCT Bushfish in Texas!
The Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour’s Bushfish Surf Series went off last weekend at Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi, and it was nothing short of a good ole Texas time. This event is always one of our favorite venues on the whole tour. The good people of Texas always welcome the crew in with open arms and an amp level that is off the meter. This year was nothing short of the same, and we were stoked to be back in town. Corpus and Bob Hall Pier provided us with a very own swimming pool in our front yard. Friday we set up at Benjamin’s Surf n Skate for the pre-event sign up party and premier of Volcom’s new surf film Psychic Migrations. The kids and families were there fired up ready to help get the fun going. There were games, laughs, high fives, Wienerschnitzel hot dogs, and smiles all around. We signed up a bushel of competitors, gave out some free Volcom gear, then Mother Nature said “Oh Hey, Hello.”  With bolts of lightning shaking down the thunder from the sky we decided to postpone the movie until after the Bushfish contest and awards ceremony. Everyone retreated back to their humble abodes to get ready for Saturday’s contest. The surf was a little small but the crew made the best of it! Come morning time we reassembled at Bob Hall Pier with fun little waves to get the contest going, and you could already smell the BBQ cooking before the sun was even all the way up. We got the event kicked off with an amazing live performance of the Star Spangled Banner from Rob Henson and the always-impressive Ian Appling. True Texas style. Ian and TCT workhorse Rob Henson played us the greatest National Anthem I've heard in years. The surf was contestable all day and the Texas Bushfishers took full advantage. We got the event rolling with the Juniors division and the American flag speedo rocking Ian Appling ended up stealing the show for the second time that day to take home the win. The Girls division in Texas is always a highly contested group, and at the end of the day Olive Smith took home the hardware for 1st place. The Groms in Texas are no push over either, after battling it out all day Dallas Cunningham took the win, and with a name like Dallas, in Texas, it wasn’t surprising. Then there was the Squids, always the crowd favorite, and Kason Wells stole the show with a winning performance. The Pro guys were up next, true Texan and local ripper Daniel Norton ran the table here and was rewarded with $500 worth of biscuits and another one of the spots filled for the TCT Global Championships at Lower Trestles! Bubba Gainnon smoother then Texas Toast! Texas is a unique place and for that we run one extra division true only to the region, we call it the Round Up. These guys are great and compete like no other. At the end of the day well established and known Texas ripper Morgan Faulkner stole the show and took home $250 for his efforts. I'm concerned for those hand prints? When it was all said and done we had another great Bushfish event and moved upstairs to the pier restaurant, Mikel Mays Beach Side Bar & Grill, where they invited us in for our awards ceremony, and to show the much-anticipated premier of Psychic Migrations. Needless to say there was hoots, hollers, and yew’s a plenty! Thank you so much from all of us at the Volcom TCT to everyone that made this event possible once again. We may be on to the next stop but keep the brisket and biscuits warm for us Texas, we can’t wait to come back!!! Morgan Faulkner has competed in almost every single Bushfish and has taken home a pretty penny with a handful of wins. Kids enjoying the Pool. Kelly Scroggs is going to Lower Trestles! He Is one of the first four Pro-Am to be qualified. There is that darn Texas Unicorn again! Squids was the biggest division of the day with 36 little dudes and dudetts looking for their Lowers glory! The winners of the largest division of the day! Your Watermelon award winner! This young lady did not stop all day! Morgan and the young Watermelon victor Grace show off the winnings! Daniel Norton is just a good ole boy from Texas, no Instagram, no Facebook, no nothing! Hopefully we can find him for Lowers Kids getting excited for the awards! Bubba Gainon staying busy out there. The winners and all their amazing prizes! Ian Appling talented beyond his year in and out of the water. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D ELECTRIC WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Daniel Norton - $500.00 - Lowers Qualified 2. Kelly Scroggs - Lowers Qualified 3. Riley Brown 4. Winston Phillips 5. Christian Villegas 6. Brandon Byas JUNIORS 1. Ian Appling - Lowers Qualified 2. Bradley Blades - Lowers Qualified 3. Andrew Lallier 4. Hank Cunningham 5. Ryan Carlson 6. Diego Hough GROMS 1. Dallas Cunningham - Lowers Qualified 2. Nicolas Bertogna - Lowers Qualified 3. Andrew Leal 4. Reef Elisom 5. Arthur Pecore 6. Coryne Farah SQUIDS 1. Kason Wells - Lowers Qualified 2. Robert Murphy - Lowers Qualified 3. Toby Daniels 4. Grace Cunningham 5. Hunter Martinez 6. Troy Tupaj GIRLS 1. Olive Smith - Lowers Qualified 2. Maddie Garlough - Lowers Qualified 3. Coral Earwood 4. Alana Greenwood 5. Aransas Blaha 6. Cassandra Huff ROUND UP 1. Morgan Faulkner - $250.00 2. Nate Floyd 3. Shane Wiggins 4. Bubba Gainon 5. Justin Jackson 6. Kyle Ferris WATERMELON AWARD Grace Cunningham All photos provided by: Rob Henson and G Scott Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Volcom Wild in the Parks - Stop 8 - Caswell's Choice - Hugo Flores
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #7 winner: Hugo Flores
Volcom Announces New TCT Tour Dates and Solidifies 4 Days at Lower Trestles for the 2016 TCT Global Championships!
Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour will run a total of four days for the 2016 TCT Global Championships at world-renowned surf break San Onofre State Beach, Lower Trestles. Volcom’s 2015/2016 TCT tour kicks off on the East Coast, and will consist of 13 US regional qualifying events and 25 international events spread throughout six countries, including: Brazil, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Latin America and Japan. All competitors will compete to secure one of the 200 TCT Global Championships spots held at Lower Trestles on June 14-17th, 2016. Additionally, this year Volcom will be giving away five Wild Card spots into the Volcom TCT Global Championships through Surfing Magazine. Stay tuned to for up-to-date information regarding the tour and how to win a coveted Wild Card entry! “At Lowers you have the opportunity to do a lot of turns on a wave and add more variety. You can surf the way you want to surf, not the way you need to, since the waves are good,” states Yago Dora, the 2012 Junior TCT Champ and last year’s Pro-Am runner up. *All dates subject to change Special thanks goes out to our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP, ELECTRIC, FUTURE FINS, WIENERSCHNITZEL, WATERMANS SUNSCREEN, GOPRO, AND PENNY Photos provided by: Tom Carey & JP Van Swae Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
The Road To Lowers Kicks Off With The Cooterfish In Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina!
Good People. That’s what we think of when we hear Kill Devil Hills, NC mentioned in our presence. So when we decided to kick off the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour for the 2015/2016 season in NC, with the Cooterfish Surf Series, this guy was smiles for miles. KDH is a slow cooker filed with all the essentials of place made for surfers and water enthusiasts, and if you have not been to the place there isn’t a person that can accurately describe how ridiculous the surf can be, and how much better the locals are at surfing those waves. This trip was going to be action packed with a Pre-Party at Outer Banks Boarding Co, the TCT Cooterfish Surf Series event, and the much anticipated premier of Volcoms newest surf film Pychic Migrations in just over a 24 hour span. Everyone was amping to get the good times going. The Pre-Party at OBBC went off! We pulled into Kill Devil Hills with the Volcom East crew Friday afternoon to OBBC for the pre-event signup party, and by the time we set our tents up everyone was starting to flow in. It were shaping up to be a fun afternoon. We had a ton of cheese pizza, played RJ’s signature Simon Says’esqu hand in the air game, and a sweet little dog that could run like the wind and catch Frisbees wayyyy in the air! Not to mention, among all that signed up close to 100 kids for the following days TCT Cooterfish surf contest. We cleaned up the pre-party and retreated back to our amazing hosts The Hume family for some good-ole-home-cookin and much need rest. Zach Beaudion throwing a little BBQ sauce on a chunky inside section. Saturday morning came and we were down at dawn to Hayman Street where we could tell there was contestable surf, but the sandbar just wasn’t right. So we made the call to move just down the street to 8th Street, which we noticed had a much better sandbar the day before. 8th ended up being a great call with a fun sandbar and building surf all day. All KDH Cooterfish events come standard with pirate flag and clown haired kid. Once the site was set up we got the Cooterfish started with the Juniors divison. There was no lack of talent in there, the crew was ripping! Bo Raynor ended up taking the title with an impressive display of surfing all day. The Squids and Groms divisions were a battle all day as well, Blayer Barton snagged the win in every ones favorite Squids division while Laird Myers took the win in a ripping Groms division. The Girls division at this years TCT Cooterfish was impressive to say the least, there is some serious talent in this area and Grace Muckenfuss took the win at the end of the day. Last but not least was the Pro-Am division and as usual these guys kill it, all of them. After a fun day of building wind swell Knox Harris ended up with the win and $500 in pirate bullion for his efforts. Laird Myers, textbook top turn. Kudos sir. The event was so incredible and it was topped off by Volcom Surf team riders Alex Gray, Mike Gleason, and Balaram Stack being on hand for the day because of that nights premier of Volcoms new surf movie Psychic Migrations. They boys guest MC’d the event and the kids were so frothed to have the team on hand, it really made for a special TCT Cooterfish, amazing premier, and fun evening. Saturday was a day for the record books that’s for sure! You can run StoneMan.... A huge Thank You goes out to everyone involved, our staff, the venues that hosted us, and most importantly the good people of Kill Devil Hills for having us. We can’t wait to come back and do this again next year! Keep the BBQ warm for us NC. Gabe Morvil putting it all together on his way to a second place finish and a spot in the Global Champs at Lowers! ....but you can not hide StoneMan. You can not hide. Said it once and will say it again, the Squids division is the best. There isn't enough room in the caption box to explain the awesome in this photo. William "Will-I-Am" Deane. The Squids are the best. Here a Squid, there a Squid, everywhere a squid squid! The squids winner Blayr Barton with a nice cutback. The Squid winners!! Zach Beaudoin with a nice cutback. Jabber jaw. Gabe Morvil knew a thing or two about finding sections. Will-I-Am being interviewed by Alex Gray and Dane. That face though. Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: NEW ERA CAP REV'D ELECTRIC WIENERSCHNITZEL PENNY SKATEBOARDS SURFING MAGAZINE GOPRO FUTURE FINS WATERMANS SUNSCREEN Katt Neff was in good form all day in KDH. The Groms getting ready to do it up. The champions of the day. RESULTS PRO-AM 1. Knox Harris - $500.00 2. Tyler Faulkner 3. Zach Beaudoin 4. Jesse Raynor 5. Quentin Turko 6. Grady Kenner JUNIORS 1. Bo Raynor 2. Gabe Morvil 3. Simon Hetrick 4. Evan Puma-Mall 5. Logan Kaymen 6. Noah Barnas GROMS 1. Laird Myers 2. Kyle Tester 3. Stefan Turko 4. Hunter Clark 5. Luke Byrum 6. Cameron Goodman SQUIDS 1. Blayer Barton 2. Chase Lieder 3. Kanoa Wong 4. Kai Westcoat 5. Mason Miller 6. Dylan Waters GIRLS 1. Grace Muckenfuss 2. Rachel Presti 3. Kat Neff 4. Leah Thompson 5. Nicole Fulford 6. Storm Portman WATERMELON AWARD William Deane Will-I-Am the Watermelon Winner! All photos provided by: Jon Carter  @joncarterphotography Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @VOLCOMTCT
Stop 8 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks – Williams Farm Skatepark - Virginia Beach, VA
We rolled up to the Williams Farm Skatepark with a heavy crew the day before the contest, but we were unaware that helmets were required for anyone who stepped inside the park. After hunting down a couple helmets (for our filmers too) Caswell Berry & Louie Lopez gave the park a quick ripping! Dane Burman even hopped the fence to get a couple tricks in! Stop 8 of Volcom’s Wild In The Parks tour traveled to greener pastures at Williams Farm Skatepark in Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday September 12, 2015. The WITP tour came to Virginia Beach for the first time in its 13-year history to tap into some unseen talent and a fresh skatepark.  A crowd of hungry skaters blasted through the gates frothing for their chance to impress the judges and Volcom skate team on hand.  With a looming threat of rain, we wasted no time in getting the contest underway and the competitors wasted no time in ripping the zones to shreds. Josh Gravely was focused the entire contest landing solid tricks in each zone and improving on them throughout the heats. This Frontside feeble in zone 1 helped him earn 3rd place in the 14 & Under Division. 11 year old Diver Miyazato skated like a grown man and impressed everyone throughout the day. He was one of the few in the 14 & Under Division to launch the brick gap. He landed this kickflip 3rd try in the finals and took home 2nd. Pete Simpson was clearly a standout in the 14 & Under Division and this kickflip front boardslide was one of the many tricks that impressed the judges and eventually earned him 1st. Vinnie Abijaoudi has a mean 360 flip and had no problem hucking it down the brick gap in zone 1. He ended up taking home 3rd in the 15 - 21 Division. Dan Robbins was going big all day! This full speed backside heelflip over the rail helped him capture 4th in the 15 - 21 Division. Adrian Green ripped every part of the skatepark. Keeping it stylish in zone 2 with this backside smith. End of the day he earned 2nd in the 15 - 21 Division. Open/Am Division was smaller than the others but there was no shortage of talent. Tremond Allen blew everyones mind with this ollie up the 6 stair that helped him take 5th in the Open/Am Division. Evan Breder had an impressive bag of tricks, this gap to bluntslide was no exception. He placed 4th in the Open/Am Division. Capturing 1st in the Open/Am Division, Nathan George ripped every part of the park with heavy tricks like this frontside crooked grind down the rail. Not only did Hugo Flores drive 3 hours from Washington DC he also earned 2nd place in the Open/Am Division and caught the eye of Caswell Berry who picked him to hop in the van with the crew the next day. Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Pete Simpson 2nd: Diver Miyazato 3rd: Josh Gravely 4th: Skyler Sarvis 5th: Ronan Livingston 6th: Drake Davidson 7th: Carter Clay 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Dalton Newbury 2nd: Adrian Green 3rd: Vinnie Abijaoudi 4th: Dan Robbins 5th: Andreas Alvarez 6th: Mason Mcintosh 7th: Jeshua Bernath Open/AM Division: 1st: Nathan George - $250 2nd: Hugo Flores - $150 3rd: Marky Clements - $100 4th: Evan Breder 5th: Tremond Allen 6th: Eddie Hays 7th: Nick Sileu Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag:  Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop 8 winner: Hugo Flores Next Stop: Kennesaw Skatepark, Kennesaw, GA – September 26th, 2015! Click here for more info. Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Thank you to our prizing sponsor Enjoi, Andalé, and Rev'd.
Volcom Wild In The Parks – Stop 7 – Caswell’s Choice – Justin Healey
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #7 winner: Justin Healey