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Volcom Super Collider Returns to Fun Fun Fun Fest
Volcom and Fun Fun Fun Fest are proud to announce that with the help of local ramp builder, Ryan Corrigan of HOLDONHEREWEGO and the Austin-based nonprofit, Project Loop, we will again lead the charge in building the Volcom Super Collider for the FFF Fest skate event this year. The super ramp, designed by legendary skateboarder Remy Stratton, debuted last year to rave reviews from athletes and spectators alike and has now become an integral part of the action-sports experience at FFF Fest. "The supercollider, like a music stage, is also fun to look at even when no one’s on it. And then, there is that moment when the team jumps on deck with their boards in hand and the skate session explodes into some of the nastiest shredding ever, combined with the Fun Fun Fun Festival sights and sounds all around, I just can’t wipe the smile off my face," says Volcom VP of Skateboarding Remy Stratton. Volcom will also welcome back its renowned skate team for a series of demos throughout the Festival weekend. This years lineup includes: • Axel Cruysberghs • Ben Raemers • Caswell Berry • Chris Pfanner • CJ Collins • Collin Provost • David Gonzalez • Dustin Dollin • Grant Taylor • Louie Lopez • Ryan Sheckler • Rune Glifberg Tickets for the 10 annual Fun Fun Fun Fest set to take place November 6-8 in Austin, TX are now available at and check out last years action from Fun Fun Fun Fest
Volcom Wild In The Parks – Stop 6 – Caswell’s Choice – Kirk Roach
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #6 winner: Kirk Roach
Vinyl Vortex! Record Swap at Volcom HQ Recap
Sunday August 23rd Volcom Entertainment held the "Vinyl Vortex" in our very own Volcom HQ skatepark! Many vendors showed up with tons of vinyl to sell and trade. Beyond swapping records we also opened our private skatepark to skaters, had a Volcom Women's bazaar and flea market and also had live music from The Death Valley Girls, Fat Tony, Sweat Lodge and White Mystery. Check out some photos below and thanks to all the vendors and people who came out! Everyone was on the hunt for some epic finds and deals all day We were also giving away free 7 inches from the Volcom Vinyl Club in exchange for a can of food that was donated to a local food bank. Record vendors were bringing in bus loads of records to sell Our good friends from Burger Records were in the house Shout out to Archies Ice Cream truck for the free ice cream! Couldn't go wrong with some tacos out in the parking lot Volcom Womenn crew had a tent outside with take home tie dyes next to their flea market. Art Lofter Patrick Carrie slanging signs Streams of people moved through each vendor, digging for deals and trades. Before bands started, the park was open to anyone who wanted to skate it. Braden Stelma found out on instagram and came just to skate, blasting these airs all morning. CJ Collins stopped by for a quick session. Boneless on the bank. Even Lee from Burger Records took some time to shred the park! First band of the day were the Death Valley Girls! Houston's own Fat Tony was a last minute addition, but he still rolled in hot and killed it. Keeping the party going! Sweat Lodge came in with some HEAVY riffs! White Mystery was the last band to close out the day and they did not disappoint! Color Photos: Hope Lane B&W Photos: Daniel Cabral
Stop #6 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks – Legacy Skatepark - Ottawa, ON Canada
Before the contest we went to the Legacy Skatepark with Collin Provost, Daan van der Linden, Grant Taylor and Arto Saari. Stop #6 of Volcom’s Wild In The Parks tour pushed north of the boarder to Canada’s Legacy Skatepark in Ottawa, ON on Saturday August 8, 2015. Legacy skatepark is a 15-minute drive from the downtown sector of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. The park’s rad history and grunge feel is something that cannot be replicated. The freewheeling spirit of that park allows a sense of “anarchy” back into skateboarding, which sometimes gets lost. Above all else, this is a super fun spot to rip and the locals do just that. On any given day you will see tranny guys blasting, tech guys melting minds, or even the occasional “large guy” game of skate. All these antics made for another impactful Wild In The Parks with our Canadian brethren. This frontside boardslide in the 14 & Under Division prelims was the first one Ben Pearson ever landed on the rail. Ben then made good on a promise to shuv out in finals later that day. Bailey Seager took 1st in the 14 & Under Division with tricks like this crook to backlip in zone 3. Taking home 1st in the 15-21 Division, Matt Racine slid this front blunt down the rail with ease. Brandon Brilliant finished 7th in the 15-21 Division with tricks like this crowd pleasing back tail down the hubba. Placing 2nd in the 15-21 Division, Nico Labbé pulled this back lip shove 2nd try in finals. Caswell's Choice, Kirk Roach, kept it calm and collected during the contest. He made this clean kickflip on the double set in prelims and landed a 6th place finish in the 15-21 Division. Earning himself 3rd in the Open/AM Division, Nolan Saumure pulled this coast-to-coast nose manual nollie flip out no more than 1 minute into finals. Local ripper and the skate teams guide through Ottawa, Mitch Barrette, killed it with this salad grind across and down to place 4th in the Open/AM Division. Riley Cronin dropped this laser flip banger on the double set and placed 5th in the Open/AM Division. Jayden Bono was ripping all day with killer tricks like this 180 switch crook to regs down the rail. He took home 2nd in the Open/AM Division. Jamie Bennett took the top spot for the Open/AM Division with a grip of tech tricks. He battled this full cab flip down the double set in prelims and proved he could get it again during finals. Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Bailey Seager 2nd: Cayde Mckinstray 3rd: Ben Pearson 4th: Logan Cruickshank 5th: Owen Genier 6th: Matt Steven 7th: Jahiem Rockwell 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Matt Racine 2nd: Nico Labbé 3rd: Jonah Melnyk 4th: Scott Lauzon 5th: Josh Warner-Jacobs 6th: Kirk Roach 7th: Brandon Brilliant Open/AM Division: 1st: Jamie Bennett - $250 2nd: Jayden Bono - $150 3rd: Nolan Saumure - $100 4th: Mitch Barrette 5th: Riley Cronin 6th: Damien Derby 7th: Noah Cleroux Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag:  Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #6 winner: Kirk Roach Next Stop: The Edge Skatepark, Taunton, MA – August 30th, 2015! Click here for more info. Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Huge thanks to our prizing sponsors Enjoi Skateboards, Andalé Bearings, and Dwindle Distribution.
Volcom Wild In The Parks – Stop 5 – Caswell’s Choice – Joe Milazzo
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #5 winner: Joe Milazzo
Skatepark of Tampa Damn Am Select Series presented by Volcom
This past weekend the Skatepark of Tampa crew rolled into the Volcom HQ private skatepark for the Damn Am Select Series! Watch the recap from Transworld Skateboarding above and the SPOT Life edits below for full recaps of the qualifiers, semi-finals, finals and best trick! Also click the photos below for more action from each day over at the Skatepark of Tampa site. Final results: 1. Wacson Mass 2. Micky Papa 3. Gage Boyle 4. Zach Saraceno 5. Dashawn Jordan 6. Zion Wright 7. Blake Johnson 8. Anthony Anaya 9. Julian Christianson 10. Chase Webb Wacson Mass is only 15 years old and was only in the states for 5 days before the contest. He ended up winning the whole thing! Congrats Wacson! 360 flip noseslide. Photo: Bart Jones Alex Midler was ripping the contest and made it to the semi finals. Big ol' noseblunt on the steep bank during the semi finals. Photo: Bart Jones Damn Am favorite Micky Papa took this 360 flip noseslide big spin out down the hubba in the qualifiers. Photo: Bart Jones