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Volcom Presents “True To This” Premiere in Santiago, Chile

Volcom Store Plaza Egaña
Av. Larraín 5862 (Av. Ossa), La Reina, Santiago, Chile

March 20, 2014

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2014 Volcom Damn Am Results: Nassim Guammaz takes the win again!

Results 1st: NASSIM GUAMMAZ (2,500€) 2nd: HERMANN STENE (1,250€) 3rd: GARD HVAARA(1,000€) 4th: JORGE SIMÕES (700€) 5th: DIEGO CANO (600€) 6th: KYLE WALKER (500€) 7th: TIAGO LOPES (400€) 8th: BRUNO SENRA (300€) 9th: VINCENT MILOU (200€) 10th: JUAN CARLOS ALISTE (150€) 11th: TIM ZOM (150€) 12th: LEHI LEITE (150€) Best Trick Purse In Euros 1st: ANDREW VERDE (400€) Trick: Switch Front Blunt Shuv Down the Rail 2nd: ENIZ FAZLIOV (300€) Trick: Back 5-0 Back Shuv Down the Rail 3rd: CARLO CAREZZANO (200€) Trick: Kickflip frontside nosegrind down the hubba 4th: DUARTE POMBO (100€) Trick: Hardflip back 5050 5th: KYLE WALKER (100€) Trick: Back Smith Back 180   You missed the Live webcast? Watch it HERE   Taking a holiday from Amsterdam, Volcom organized its 2014 European Damn Am in Cascais, Portugal last weekend from July Friday 18 to Sunday 20. The amazing location of the new Parque das Geraçoes skatepark was the perfect fit for the event, overseeing the ocean, sunshine and a great skatepark with plenty of fun features. The skatepark of Tampa crew rocked the show with DJ Wade on the music commands and an international field of skaters that didn’t disappoint the crowd with stylish lines and so many tricks that went down. After placing second of the Saturday qualifiers and earning himself a “golden ticket” for the finals, Kyle Walker took the 6th place; Diego Cano put together a really good run and finished 5th, while Jorge Simões was the crowds favorite and took the 4th place. Top 3 finishers was really tight with Norwegians bros Gard Hvaara and Hermann Stene taking respectively the 3rd and 2nd place with super consistent runs filled with bangers, but Nassim Guammaz did it again and won the whole thing with two flawless full speed runs. The weekend ended with the Independent best trick and the Phelper making the calls, a rarely seen bs five-o shove it down the rail was landed by Eniz Fazliov and Andrew Verde got a switch fs blunt shove it! Scroll down to see the videos highlights and photos from Sunday finals, Best trick, Saturday qualifiers and Friday bowl session below with full results! Thanks a lot to everyone who help make this event a success: the city council of Cascais, Moche, Independent, Zumiez, Bones, Hellaclips, Red Bull, Dakine, Skatepark of Tampa, Surge skateboards,, Pstone & Phelps from Thrasher, Radical Skate Klube, all the staff, Francisco Lopez for designing the park, all skaters that signed up and everyone who came have fun. Sunday, July 20 | Finals Thrasher Best Trick Highlight Video   Saturday, July 19 | Qualifiers     Friday, July 18 | BBQ & Snake Session     Follow the hashtag #VolcomDamnAm on Instagram

Volcom DAMN AM 2014 - Cascais, Portugal - Day 2 | Qualifiers

Check out Day 2 of 2014 Damn Am in Cascais, Portugal: Qualifiers. Don't forget! Today, the live webcast of the 2014 Volcom Damn Am, LIVE from PARQUE DAS GERAÇÕES in Cascais, Portugal. Watch it NOW HERE  PHOTOGRAPHY BY JELLE KEPPENS

Volcom DAMN AM 2014 - Cascais, Portugal - Day 1

Check out Day 1 of 2014 Damn Am in Cascais, Portugal: Cash for tricks, snake bowl session. Don't forget! Tomorrow, Sunday, July 20th, the live webcast of the 2014 Volcom Damn Am, LIVE from PARQUE DAS GERAÇÕES in Cascais, Portugal. Watch it HERE  PHOTOGRAPHY BY JELLE KEPPENS

True To This - Asia Skate Tour

True To This is out and in shops, so the skate team is going back on the road to Asia with Dustin Dollin, Nassim Guammaz, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus and Dane Burman. Few months back we stopped in Hong Kong, Taipei and Thailand, this time we decided to hit Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Check the flyer below for all the info and follow our travels on instagram through the #TrueToThisSkateTour and by following @VolcomSkate!

Coco Ho Surfing Naked for ESPN Body Issue

Teddy Ward interviewed our girl Coco Ho on her ESPN Body Issue appearance. Read on and rejoice…Coco Ho brings to light the beauty behind the body. "It's a tribute to what their bodies are capable of. It's a collaboration of athletes and great photography that showcases so many different sports and body types." What takes some of the controversy -- yet by no means any of the beauty -- out of this sixth annual issue is who Coco is getting shot next to. World-class athletes like Venus Williams and Michael Phelps. Travis Pastrana and Larry Fitzgerald. Modern greats in their respective fields of sport. And yeah, totally naked. Have you been a longtime fan of ESPN’s Body Issue? Did you ever see yourself being a part of it? Coco Ho: I actually have been a fan of the Body Issue since I saw it a few years ago. I think I always admired the athletes for stripping down and portraying strong bodies as beauty -- not as sexy nude shoots. I really do see the integrity in ESPN as a whole and think of it as something so prestigious, like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I've always wanted to be a part of. When I saw Kelly Slater, Maya Gabeira, and Steph Gilmore’s [photos], the only thought that registered was: ‘This is sick! And it’s the only nude shoot I’d ever do!’ [laughs] What was it like to actually surf naked? Had you ever done that before?  Well… It was terrible and I’m never doing it again! [laughs] Really, you would think it would be freeing or something, but it was just plain weird, and everywhere got sunburnt! Doesn’t your brother Mason surf naked sometimes? What did he have to say about it? I don't think he knows I actually surfed. Really, he might be bummed that my nude-surf goes more mainstream than his [laughs]. Just kidding; pretty sure he’d be psyched. So where did you go to surf on this shoot? As it's summer in Hawaii and the waves are really small, we were able to find some tiny waves on the outer reefs of Hawaii Kai [Oahu’s South Shore]. It was quite the experience with a boat as base camp, and then a zodiac and Jet Skis to help us find some waves! And your dad, what did he have to say about it? Also, was your boyfriend [pro snowboarder Mark McMorris] okay with it, or kind of hesitant? As far as my dad, it was one of those conversations with your parent where you quickly tell them what you're doing and then run out of the room, leaving no time for discussion. Especially when it's your dad! As for Mark, he is more aware of the prestige in The Body Issue. He is also the most supportive, career-savvy, honest boyfriend ever. He wants whatever is best for me and would be very honest if he thinks something isn’t. I take his words to heart and trust his decisions. He was actually very supportive of the shoot; he was even there with me the entire shoot. Like my safety net. Do you see a shoot like this playing into the “sex sells” theory at all? To me the ESPN Body issue doesn't play into the "sex sells" theory because I’m being photographed alongside 20-plus highly respected athletes portraying a body's strength as beauty -- not caked in makeup, laying on a bed. So you see this shoot in a totally different light? I do. I see it just as the editor of ESPN calls it: "A collaboration of athletes and great photography that showcases so many different sports and body types. The Body Issue is a tribute to what these bodies are capable of." I see it like that, too. Read the full article here:

Wild In The Parks - Bellevue Skatepark, WA 2014

Stop #5 of Volcom Stone’s Wild in the parks tour scorched Bellevue Washington’s Skate Plaza on Saturday July 12, 2014. Bombing Into The Venue For The 2nd Wild In The Parks At Bellevue Skate Plaza For a second consecutive year the WITP tour took to the Skate Plaza section of Bellevue Washington’s Skatepark faculties. Over the past year the city has made some great improvements to the outdoor plaza that keeps the flow and fun at an all time high. Competitors showed up early trying to beat the heat as they warmed up in the early hours of the morning. It didn’t take long for the session to be in full effect as the riders sized up their peers to see what it would take to get into the top spots. The Crowd Was In Full Force Finding Their Spot And Sticking To It The 14 & Under Division took to their positions at high noon ready to spit some hot fire. The young riders are always great to watch as they have yet to fall into the trap of the conventional thinking skateboarder. The rules of what tricks are cool have yet to be ingrained in their minds, which leads to some interesting lines and maneuvers throughout. 14-year-old Alex Lobasyuk and has progressed ten fold over the past year’s time since his 1st place WITP performance last year. He landed a sw fs kickflip past the double set in zone 2, a hardflip over the extended 6 stair in zone 3, and a hardflip bs lipslide to regular for his first time at the end of the heat to capture a back to back win in his division. Keala Cole kept it a bit more “outside the box” with things like his boneless fs 360 over the double set for 2nd place. Saunjay Stocker had solid style. Surprising himself with a first time fs boardslide shuv-it out on the down rail in zone 1 that helped him into 3rd place for the day. Aidam Kelly Getting After A 360 Flip In Zone 2 Keala Cole Stepping Into A Boneless Bs Boardslide In Zone 1 Alex Lobasyuk Was On Fire All Afternoon Kickflipping To Backlip In Zone 1 Here The 15 -21 Division now took over the plaza making it apparent they were holding nothing back the very first moment of their heat.  We saw a bigflip fs boardslide down the rail in zone 1, a high speed fs feeble grind down the long rail in zone 3, and a 360 hardflip in zone 2…and that was only in the first minute or so of the heat.  Austin Visintainer was working hard to make things happen as he really turned it on for finals.  He made everything count with tricks like his 360 flip over the double set in zone 2 and 360 flip lipslide down the rail in zone 1 landing bolts to take home 1st place.  Tameron Eaglehorse made his way from Portland, OR to stomp a variety of dastardly deeds that included one of the cleanest bs 360 kickflips past the zone 2 double set for the 2nd place nod. Reece Clayson rounded out the top 3 with an insane technical performance over the double set including full cab kickflip, hardflip late 180 (ghetto bird), and many more throughout the zones before time expired. David Lobasyuk Showing His Whole Family Has Serious Skate Skills With A Solid Fs Over Krook Destin Watts Was In Town From Vegas Rolling The Dice With This 360 Hardflip In Zone 2 Austin Visintainer Bringing In A Perfect 360 Flip For The Days Catch In Zone 2 Senior Grill Master Clint Graham Putting On A Clinic Of BBQ Skill For All In Attendence The 10 & Under Competitors Took Over The Park For A Lunch Time Show Lots Of Cheering Happened As The Youth Put On A Demonstration The Open/AM Division put their clutch players in the game ready to swing for the fences.  When finials came upon us, this field of competitors was so stacked that anyone in the division was poised to take home the win.  Spectators were treated to a ripping performance that included a bs sugarcane to regular on the rail in zone 1, a switch hardflip past the extended 6 set in zone 3, and a super cool looking bs 5-0 to bluntslide combination on the steep pyramid in zone 2.  Canada’s Ryan Lepore infiltrated the US and delivered an unstoppable performance.  He left no stone unturned as he landed fs big heel down the double set in zone 2, a nollie kickflip boardslide down the rail in zone 1, and a bs crooked grind nollie flip out on the long rail in zone 3 to take home the title of 1st place in the Northwest.  Ben Campbell was in the thick of it with a bs 270 lipslide down the rail in zone 1, a fs 180 up the double set in zone 2, and a 360 flip 5-0 fs 180 out on the hubba ledge in zone 3 taking 2nd place for his efforts.  Bellevue’s hometown boy John Matarazzo rolled the dice with a kickflip fs nosegrind on the rail in zone 1, sw 360 flip over the double set in zone 2, and a high speed bs noseblunt on the long rail in zone 3 as he collected 3rd place.   Jimmy Humphryes Kept Things Unconventional With This Sw Boneless Fs 540 Amongst Other Tricks To Receive The Rev'd Skater Award For $100 Bobby Snowden Leaked A Top Secret Sw Hardflip Pasted The Double Set In Zone 2 Ben Sauer Can Hardflip Bs Lipslide Any Rail In His Path Utah's Shylio Sweat Killing The Game With A Bs Sugarcane To Regular In Zone 1 Bellevue's John Matarazzo Eyeing Up A Kickflip Fs Nosegrind In Zone 1 Ben Campbell Handling The Double Set The Wrong Way With A Fs 180 Up In Zone 2 Canada's Ryan Le Pore Killed It All Day Long Starting His Domination With This Casual Bs 5-0 To Bluntslide Down The Corner In Zone 1 Thank you to Joe Moorman, Josh Anderson, Rogue, Nate, and the entire crew at Bellevue Skatepark for all their WITP diligence. Thanks to our astute judging panel of Ben Graham, Paul Wilhelm, and Dan Poole keeping eyes on all the action. Thanks to our Vco family of Clint Graham, Cheyne Shoultz, Coco Farrell, and Chelan Gates for their help before, during, and after the day’s event.  Also, check out our awesome WITP tour sponsors listed below for supporting skateboarding’s grass roots. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Transworld Skate Kicker Audio Cam Caddie Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Alex Lobasyuk 2nd: Keala Cole 3rd: Saunjay Stocker 4th: Jamison Earle 5th: Tristan Moeller 6th: Ivan Glenny 7th: Jack Sowle 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Austin Visintainer 2nd: Tameron Eaglehorse 3rd: Reece Clayson 4th: David Lobasyuk 5th: Quinn Unciano 6th: Greg Dehart 7th: Thomas Bell Open/AM Division: 1st: Ryan Le Pore - $250 2nd: Ben Campbell - $150 3rd: John Matarazzo - $100 4th: Shylio Sweat 5th: Ben Sauer 6th: Bobby Snowden 7th: Kallen Hittner Rev’d Skater Award: Jimmy Humphryes- $100 Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram