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Burgerama 4 || DAY 1 with Volcom Womens!
We have SURVIVED Burgerama day one! With tons to do and lots of bands to see there was never a dull moment. Though the heat was insane, it didn't stop anyone from having a good time. Every single band CRUSHED it leaving everyone satisfied yet wanting more;)   DIY tents were set up all around to make your own buttons & color your own t-shirts! Keeping people entertained is what we do! ;)   The fashion scene was awesome of course! A sea of multi colored hair, creepers, high waisted jeans, floral prints & sunnies. It was certainly one of the most colorful events we've been to in a while!   There were so many great bands performing that we just couldn't choose ONE favorite! Every single female band blew us away with their talent and on stage presence. Dare we say they were better than the boys? We think so... shhh ;) La Luz was first on our radar and they did NOT disappoint! In fact, they completely set the tone for the rest of the day. They left us in awe & wanting more so luckily we got a chance to chat with them after their performance. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with them!   Bleached was hilarious and won over the crowd with their generosity and humor. Here's a snap of her giving away one of their records to a loyal fan.   Luckily at the Bleached show we spotted our favorite one girl band, Colleen Green! She really is one of the coolest cats around and so generously gave us a few minutes of her time to speak with us!   Known as the prettier face of grunge, Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr wooed us with her strong yet graceful voice.   We spotted this blue haired babe in the crowd from a mile away! Soko the sexy French singer/actress had a lot of wise things to say about the music business and gave us some insight on her latest projects! Soko we love you!   Floral crowns + Guitars + Babes = HINDS   Overall, day one was a huge success and we can't wait to see what's in store for us today! Stay tuned... xx
BURGERAMA 4 at The Observatory - DAY 1 RECAP
It was quite a showing for Day 1 of Burgerama 4 at the Observatory in Santa Ana! Burgerama lovers from all ages showed up beginning at noon to kick off the tunes with bands like No Parents, Together Pangea, and Mystic Braves. Crowds came early to the Volcom booth to get free special-edition Volcom x Burgerama 4 pins and customized tees before hitting one of the stages to see their favorite musicians at the outside Rama stage or the inside Observatory or Constellation Room stages. The music continued throughout the day and into the night with La Luz, Broncho, Cosmonauts, Jeff the Brotherhood, Tomorrows Tulips, Bleached, Bass Drum of Death, Tijuana Panthers, Cherry Glazerr, Black Angels, Roky Erickson, Beach Fossils, FIDLAR, Summer Twins, White Fang, Weezer, and many, many more! Cosmonauts   Day 2 of Burgerama 4 begins at 12pm today and has another epic lineup of bands. Cruise by the Volcom booth for free Volcom x Burgerama 4 pins and customized tees! You can also pick up some new music from Burger Records! See you there!   DAY 1 PHOTOS Burgeramians at the Volcom booth making customized tees! Burgerama Girls Jeff the Brotherhood Jeff the Brotherhood Jeff the Brotherhood Jeff the Brotherhood Jeff the Brotherhood Burger Groms Cosmonauts Cosmonauts Tijuana Panthers Curves & La Luz Curves & La Luz Curves & La Luz Stoked! Ladies Weezer Weezer Weezer Weezer Group Hang FIDLAR FIDLAR FIDLAR FIDLAR FIDLAR Volcom heavy hitters were all apart of the Burgerama action from Day 1 Burger Records & Volcom Entertainment Tomorrows Tulips Tomorrows Tulips Ford from Tomorrows Tulips, and friend. Beach Fossils Beach Fossils Volcom booth fun! Cherry Glazerr Cherry Glazerr Cherry Glazer Volcom Skate had to get a piece of the Burgerama action. Roky Erickson Gang of Four Gang of Four Gang of Four Burger Records Photo credits to: Gary Copeland, Ryan Immegart, Daniel Cabral, Chase Newsom, Hope Lane
Burgerama Jams
Burgerama is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! To help us get through this wait period, we've come up with a killer playlist. Sit back, close your eyes & let the music work it's magic. Also, don't forget to stop by our Volcom Womens lounge at Burgerama! Come say hello, design a tee & keep an eye out for other giveaways during the festival! See you there! xx                        
Volcom presents Residual Kid's "Biggest Little Day 2" Party
Volcom is teaming up with our favorite teenagers Residual Kid and Illegal Pete's for a crucial show this Wednesday during SXSW. Head on over to Trailer Space at 1401 Rosewood Ave in Austin good times and tunes from noon to 7pm. Volcom Vinyl Club alum Fat Tony will close this party, which actually serves as a warm up to three straight days of partying to music.
#MusicMondays | Burgerama | Witch | Ticket Giveaway
Performances by New England heavyweights Witch have been rare to spot lately. Kyle, better known to most as King Tuff has moved to California, while J Mascis - one of the most prolific guitar heroes alive - keeps a busy schedule performing solo and with Dinosaur Jr. Even Dave Sweetapple and Graham Clise have side bands that you're more likely to have a chance to see... Sweet Apple and Lecherous Gaze respectively. In honor of Witch's appearance at Burgerama 4, we have repressed a split single they shared with Earthless that Volcom originally released (and quickly sold out of) in 2007. Their song, "Can't Help Doin' Wrong" is available for for free download below. Can't Help Doin' Wrong by Wtich Witch are playing Burgerama on Sunday March 29th, and Volcom as a sponsor of this rad 2-day all ages extravaganza is again for the third week giving away a pair of 2-day passes to festival to one lucky person to see Witch along with all the other killer bands playing the festival. Enter below for your chance to win a pair of 2-day passes to Burgerama and a copy of the Volcom Vinyl Club vinyl 7" re-press featuring Witch and Earthless. If you want to make sure you get a copy of this limited edition re-press, we've bundled the 7" with a t-shirt featuring the original single art. We have a very limited quantity available in bundles for preorder now.
#MusicMondays | Burgerama 4 | The Aquadolls | Ticket Giveaway
photo by Jennifer Herrema Anyone who has seen The Aquadolls knows that singer/guitarist Melissa Brooks is a force of nature. With the recent release of their debut LP "Stoked On You", she's ready blow up the scene. Just check out Aquadolls' new music video for their song "Sinus Infection" that premiered on VEVO to see what we mean. The Aquadolls are playing Burgerama for the third time on Sunday March 29th, and Volcom as a sponsor of this rad 2-day all ages extravaganza is again this week giving away a pair of 2-day passes to festival to one lucky person to see Melissa and The Aquadolls along with all the other killer bands playing the festival. Enter below for your chance to win a pair of 2-day passes to Burgerama and a copy of Aquadolls new album "Stoked On You" on vinyl. Melissa was kind enough to take the time for a quick Q&A with us about what's on the horizon for her and The Aquadolls. With the release of "Stoked On You" are you excited to take The Aquadolls on tour? Oh yeah!! I am so ready to play a bunch of shows! Where would you go? I really want to travel the world and go everywhere. First we should tour the USA, then hit Europe, Japan, Brazil, the works! I know we have fans all over the world and I want to play a show for all of them! How many Burgeramas have you been to? Funny story, but the first year they had Burgerama, I was supposed to go but I actually got caught ditching school by my mom and she ripped my ticket up and I couldn't go, which really made me sad, but now it's our third year in a row playing and we're stoked! How would you describe Burgerama to somebody that hasn’t been there? It's a really fun music festival. Lots of people, lots of moshing, sweat, and good times. Who are you most excited to see perform at Burgerama 4? Ty Segall!!