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Recent News + Video

My City - Santiago, Chile - Jesus Munoz
My City is a Volcom video series showcasing the Latin American Skate Team as they take us through their hometowns, showing us where they grew up skating and what struggles they had to overcome along the way. In this second episode we welcome 18-year-old Jesus Munoz from Santiago, Chile. Being the capital and largest city in Chile (over 5M people), Santiago doesn't offer much breathing room for skaters like Jesus, although the city is recognizing the progression of skateboarding and impact it has on its youth since it first appeared in the capital in the late 70s. In addition to the crowds, since most of the downtown area is filled with 19th century neoclassical architecture (and susceptible to earthquakes), with archaic, meandering side-streets, it's difficult to find a smooth ground and contemporary street-skating spots, although there are some hidden gems. But it's not just the skating that keeps Jesus loving Santiago, he notes the culture is great with amazing food, architecture, and music. Piccolo de Italia is frequented by Jesus and friends as a delicious restaurant, which you can easily find in all shopping centers. As for his artsier side, one of his favorite spots in the city is the Sculpture Park of Providencia, an open air museum park showcasing more than 30 renowned Chilean artists, including five award-winning sculptors. And if you're into live music, Santiago has a burgeoning rock 'n' roll scene, along with some good punk rock concerts happening downtown in the city. His favorite Chilean bands are Devil Presley, BBS Paranoicos, and Los Fiskales. Watch Episode 1 of My City with Jhancarlos Gonzalez Jesus is as hungry as they come, and everyday is an all-day-skate-day for him. Waking up at the crack of dawn every morning, Jesus ventures to the market with his mother to grab things for lunch before quickly peddling off to the legendary Bustamante Skatepark to meet up with friends. After spending a solid amount of time working on his next bag of tricks, he finishes the day skating through his city on his way back home where he's destined to stumble upon some generous street-skating venues. Jammed with pedestrians, small squares, plazas, and even subway stations offer a wide variety of city structures and people-dodging for the local skaters. Jesus Munoz (photo: Andres Navarro) Among the handful of skating spots that Jesus and his friends hit within Santiago's cityscape, are the beautiful mountains, hills, and rivers which are in very close proximity, such as the Mapocho River, Parque Forestal, and the high-towering, grandiose Andes Mountains. With a vantage point of the Andes from anywhere in the city, it's nice to know you're in arm's reach of a completely different terrain whether in the mountains or getting lost in many of the ripe vineyards along the way. Jesus says he's lucky to be surrounded by a rich culture of wines and a variety of tastes, and recommends trying Gato or Casillero del Diable which are his favorites. Hardflip (photo: Andres Navarro) Follow Jesus on Instagram to stay connected, and be sure to keep up with all the latest happenings from the Volcom Skate Team at @volcomskate and @volcomlatam!
After dawn to well past dusk, New York City delivers
Volcom's fondness for summers in New York City stretches back to when the Skate Team would hole up in the city for weeks at time, as was documented in 2008's All The Days Roll Into One (), that offered a glimpse behind-the-scenes into the constant ups and downs of trying to skate on demand in a hectic city. Today our trips to the city are shorter but more frequent, including this past summer's trip for the premiere of Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening that included a solid afternoon traversing the city, followed by the Volcom X Antihero NYC skate mission in July to film for the last fall's Volcom X Antihero collaboration. Fresh on the heels of the Volcom X AntiHero trip, a new set of Volcom crew showed up to continue our NYC summer fun. Balaram Stack, Jordan Trahan, Arto Saari and Austin Amelio (of The Walking Dead Fame, and a true skater in his own right) joined Chris Pfanner who extended his stay for another couple days of madness. The plan? To take in as much of New York as possible the following day! Street spots, skate parks, underground bars, good eats, drinks and beaches were all on the list. Morning stoop life with Chris Pfanner in the Volcom Bleed Dot shirt The squad easily located their Airbnb by the broken chairs and destroyed skateboard decks littering the front patio from the skate team's stay for the Antihero shoot. Inside we were greeted to a bevy of leftovers including fruit, granola and anything else deemed too healthy for consumption by the skate team. All adult beverages however had been put to good use and the house showed signs of good times. We would be hard-pressed to out due them. Morning stretch in the Volcom Stone Made Atwell shorts and a pale wash solid tee. Stories of New York go something like: freezing in the winter, hot and muggy in the summer. Luck was on our side and we were blessed with sunny days and cool breezes. We headed to the BQE Lot first thing for a skate sesh. Getting grimy and trying a few tricks under the bridge is always fun. Pfanner ollied the cement launch ramp and Trahan filled his time with kickflip wallride to fakie attempts that had us scratching our heads. Next thing you know, a five-minute storm comes out of nowhere blasting gutter-dirt and rain into our faces. After seeking shelter, we rinsed off with an open fire hydrant spewing sweet relief from the reemerged sun, just like in the movies! Little rain can't stop the Pfann man from ripping! Antihero team must of been here too... Balaram in the Cross Mag tee finding shelter under the BQE during a quick afternoon shower. Where to next? Pfanner in the Tetsunori tee. Austin Amilio cooling off from the summer heat. The temperature can soar midday in New York and a bike is a great way to explore the city without the constant pushing of a skateboard. Balaram, a New Yorker since he was 5, showed us his way to the beach without breaking a sweat. Bikes and surfboards easily fit on the train to Long Beach too and before long we were amongst sand, blue water and summer breakers. Related: Balaram Stack In NYC - 4 Cities (Ep. 4), Volcom Surf Riding around on bikes is one of the best ways to explore the city. Balaram Stack in the Volcom New Future tee. Cruising through the streets. Should we take a train to the beach?! The Volcom Mod Tech Surf Bag is ready for anything. Down to the trains in the Shred Head pocket tee. Waiting for the train to Long Beach, NY. Austin Amelio taking in the down time on the way to Long Beach. Go ahead and Pet It tee. Made it! After a dip in the Atlantic, the new Long Beach Skate Park, opened in 2015, is a short ride opposite the beach. A fun little park with a flow section and a small bowl. Just watch out for the rent-a-cops who enforce code regulations with gusto! They’ll pour out a grown man's full beer on a hot day just to show their might! Related: Photographer Mike Nelson shares his favorite things about Long Beach, NY Back in the city and ready to ready to take in some libations? Dustin Dollin knows bars and recommended we hit an underground bar called Berlin. It was a fine time dancing shoulder to shoulder with only red lights illuminating the young crowd. We even saw Macaulay Culkin there, but he told us "no photos after midnight." That's a good policy to have... so with that we'll end the story of our day here. Visit New York City, skate! Head to Long Beach, swim and skate! Go to bars and dance underground! We did and we recommend it! Balaram takes a quick dip. Volcom Mag Vibes & Magxplotion Stoneys Boardshorts. Arto takes a break from behind the lens to have Pfanner blast over him at the little Long Beach Skate Park.
Flow team goes to Phoenix Am 2017
Every year legendary Arizona skateshop, Cowtown, holds one of the largest amateur contests of the year, with over 200+ young skateboarders descending on Phoenix, Arizona's Desert West Skatepark. This year we decided to fill the van with a few of our flow riders, Simon Bannerot, Henry Gartland, Jayden Bono as well as two of our biggest am's Axel Cruysberghs and CJ Collins. We also met up with a few other flow riders who made it out to Phoenix like Canada's Mikey Ray and Utah ripper Deng Tear. If you were under a rock all weekend or just off the grid check out what you missed on the @VolcomSkate insta stories to get a feel of our trip out! With our flow riders coming from all over the country, meeting up and leaving all at the same time took a little coordination. Henry Gartland flew out from Minnesota, while Jayden Bono made it all the way out from Toronto. Coming from the north, they were stoked to be in the southern California weather. They met up at Volcom HQ and had a little sesh in the park before we hit the road. Axel Cruysberghs and his Belgian friend Switn also met up with us and hopped in the van. On the way out to Phoenix we had to pick up Simon Bannerot, who you may remember as "Caswell's Pick" at the third stop of our Wild in the Parks series a couple years back, from the Girl Skateboards headquarters. Not only did Simon buy a one-way ticket down to southern California to film for Lakai's upcoming video, but he also just graduated high school literally a few days before his flight! Lastly we had to pick up CJ Collins who met us at the Active HQ on the way out, so we decided to have a little session while we were there to wait out traffic. Simon Bannerot FS air at the Active HQ We skated at the Active HQ park for about an hour and a half and all the dudes were hyped to skate knowing there was about a 4 hour drive ahead of us. They put down some heavy tricks on the biggest quarter pipe in the park. Around 7pm we got a quick dinner across the street and started our journey to Arizona. The van ride was long but mellow and it gave the guys some time to chill while DJ Crusher played all his favorite Belgian hits. At a gas station just over the border in Phoenix the boys were obviously a little restless as Simon put on a handstand demo and Henry was doing backflips off of the van. Eventually we made it to our hotel in Phoenix right before midnight. Axel's Belgian friend Switn was visiting Axel for a couple weeks and was in the van for the trip, he is also a very talented photographer and captured some epic photos of the trip. Here's Henry backflipping off the van at a gas station just over the border in AZ The next day was PHXam practice and all the dudes were psyched to skate. Jayden Bono learned frontside heelflips right before the trip and was putting them down with ease. Henry Gartland was ripping too, backside noseblunting the hubba every try and piecing together his run. Another flow ripper from Vancouver, Mikey Ray, also flew in and met us at practice. He was also in school and flew out for the weekend even though he had midterms on the Thursday before and Monday after. Towards the middle of the afternoon Desert West Skatepark was filling up under the dry intense desert heat as more and more skaters started to get into town. Simon had friend, Chris Livingston, who had a nice 10 foot backyard vert ramp so we decided to cruise over there for a quick sesh. Jayden Bono FS heel over the bank to bank Henry Gartland BS Noseblunt every try! On the vert ramp everyone was ripping. CJ and Simon were blasting airs while Jayden, Mikey and Axel were just trying to figure it out. Jayden and Mikey have never skated a proper vert ramp but figured it out pretty quick, Jayden was even getting some airs over the coping. CJ Collins with a big boneless on the backyard vert ramp Simon Bannerot floats one before the sun goes down After our little sesh on the vert ramp we decided to head to the Tempe Skatepark before the Vans X Cowtown art show and party. At the Tempe Skatepark Jayden, Mikey and Henry had quite the sesh on the big 11 stair throwing down trick after trick with ease! Meanwhile CJ and Simon casually cruised around the bowl in the back but still ripped every part of the park. A little after 8pm we made our way to Cowtown Skateshop where Vans was having an art show / shoe release party for Cowtown's 20th anniversary. Cowtown was packed and local artist JJ Horner had some art displayed including the original painting that's featured on the official Volcom X Cowtown Pheonix Am 2017 shirt that was being given away to the first 500 people at the contest each day. Original painting by JJ Horner that was featured as the official tee graphic of Cowtown's 2017 Phoenix Am The next day was qualifiers day with over 50 heats of 4 skaters in each. Most of our guys had heats later in the day so it was a long one waiting for our guys to go and keeping them warmed up without being too burnt out. In the end Axel made it to the semi finals the next day and we all went back to our hotel to recharge and get ready for the official Volcom X Cowtown after party at The Pressroom with Denzel Curry. Mikey Ray FS noseblunt Axel Cruysberghs wallie bluntslide in the semi finals After a well deserved meal with the team we made our way to The Pressroom and by the time we got there the party was in full swing. Pyramid Country's Arron Goure, aka DJ Freako, was absolutely killing it. We literally showed up to his DJ set and people were stage diving like there was conveyor belt shooting them off of the stage. Playboy Manbaby played their set which was a change of pace but kept the party going. People were feeling the shirtless sax player for sure. The next act was rap group C-Roy which was an energy packed set that really got the crowd psyched for the headliner. Everyone was ready for Denzel Curry, chanting his name as he psyched himself up backstage. When he came on stage the place erupted and it was on! Denzel put on an epic show and even the riders got into it, CJ and Henry stage dived for the first time and more than once. Stage divers everywhere! C-Roy keeping the party LIT Denzel Curry! The next morning was the day of finals and Axel Cruysberghs was the only one who made it to the finals. Axel was looking strong, landing a bunch of difficult tricks in his heat and run. He even pulled off a switch feeble on the A-frame and a wallie blunt on the hubba even though he only did a few in practice. In the end Axel placed 9th out of 200+ competitors which is rather impressive. Axel backside lipslide in his run Axel with his 9th place trophy! Back at the hotel we met up with Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost and Jackson Pilz along with the Volcom filming crew as they stopped by while on their Volcom X Harley Davidson motorcycle trip through the southwest. We had a little curb sesh with all of the flow riders and pros out front of the hotel. Collin pulled some wizardry making a kickflip off of the curb. While the flow dudes hit the hotel pool to cool off, Simon and CJ went on a separate backyard pool mission with Remy and Independent TM and Thrasher photographer Rhino. It was Simons first time skating a backyard pool and claimed it was one of the best sessions of his life! Ant Travis capturing Collin pretending the curb is a quarter pipe. Since none of our riders had anywhere they needed to be, we decided to hang in AZ for the night and hit a ditch spot with the guys on the Harley trip. While the ditch was a little crusty everyone got a trick and some epic footage was captured. You're going to have to wait to see most of it but here is just a taste of what went down. @jaydenbono @cjcollinsskate and @simonbannerot getting tricks into an AZ ditch before hitting the road to home on Monday filmed by @henrygartland1 A post shared by Volcom Skate (@volcomskate) on Mar 30, 2017 at 10:11pm PDT Collin warm up boosters while Simon gets ready to roll in Seeing Harley's at the at the spot is always rad Simon Bannerot lofts a FS 360 into the ditch before sunset After the sesh at the ditch we high fived the guys on the Harley trip, wished them luck and then hit the road home. We dropped Henry off with some friends in AZ so he could hang out and film while CJ stuck around with the Harley dudes. Staring at the road to home is always a downer as the feeling of all the good times are coming to an end sets in. Overall it was a very productive and super fun trip. Huge thanks to all the riders who came out and especially Trent, Laura, Ed and the entire Cowtown crew for putting on such an epic event for skateboarding!
Interview with Alec Majerus on Cancel History
About a month or so ago we had an idea to have a skateboarder, surfer and snowboarder do all 3 board sports in the same day to celebrate the release of our Cancel History collection. Southern California is one of the few places where we could actually pull this off, so we enlisted skateboarders Alec Majerus, Omar Hassan, legendary snowboarder Jamie Lynn and surfer Noa Deane to hit the slopes of Mt. High, waves of Newport Beach and our very own skatepark here at Volcom HQ. Outfitted in original Volcom tee designs from the 90's it was just like the old days, 20 plus years later, but the vibe and true Volcom spirit was still the same. Snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding in the same day is no easy task, so we decided to have a brief chat with Alec Majerus, who he was actually snowboarding up in Big Sky, Montana with his family, to get his take on the day. Hey Alec, how is it going what you been up to? Good man, just been skating and snowboarding a lot lately. We know your rip on a skateboard, but how long have you been snowboarding and surfing? I've been snowboarding since I was like 8. I've only surfed a few times though Alec spraying powder at Mt. High I heard you and your friends were psyched on snowboarding, surfing and skating in the same day, have you ever tried to do that before? Nah I haven't done that before. It's always been a goal of mine. What was the hardest part? The snowboarding, surfing or skating? The surfing was so hard because the waves were pretty big and I was getting smoked Noa Deane and Alec getting ready to surf. How much did you snowboard back home in Minnesota? I used to do a lot of backyard snowboarding growing up because I couldn't skate. A lot of people say snowboarding and skateboarding are very similar but still different, what are your thoughts? Do you find snowboarding easier since you rip so hard on a skateboard? Yea I think if you can skate you can easily learn to snowboard and vice versa You’ve skated some pretty monster rails but have you ever hit one on a snowboard? Yea I lipslid and 5050 on a 16 when I was younger Noa, Alec and Omar post surf sesh I remember you were living in a studio apartment in Huntington Beach with all your Minnesota homies for a minute. Did you ever surf when you were living by the beach? Nah, I didn't surf until I moved to Costa Mesa. Wish I would have took advantage of that though! Between the dudes you did this epic day with, Jamie Lynne, Noa Deane and Omar Hassan, who were you more impressed with as far watching them do a board sport they’re not known for? Noa said he had never snowboarded before and we took him to the top and he did it without falling. I was tripping on that. After snowboarding and surfing Alec still had enough fuel in the tank to pop off the walls. Lastly, what do you got planned for the rest of 2017? Aren’t you putting working on a homie video? I don't know man, the homie bailed back to Minnesota and is over filming so that's botched. Filming a part with Ant Travis though. CLICK HERE to watch the video and check out the entire Cancel History collection!
Volcom Took over Hotel Steyne for a Week of Madness!
Last week Volcom was thrilled to take over Hotel Steyne in Manly, New South Wales, Australia for Riders Week, a week full of art, music, skating, parties, giveaways, movie premieres, team signings, and more! Thousands of people cruised through all week to catch live paintings from artists such as Anthony Lister, Gemma O'Brien, and Ozzie Wright, jam to some rad tunes from Ozzie, Noa Deane's band Blister, Andrew Doheny's band Power Lunch, Bleeding Knees Club, and others, and catch a glimpse of some mini-ramp skating from dudes like Pedro Barros, Jackson Pilz, Grant Taylor, Dane Burman, and CJ Collins. But that's not all. This seven day event had much more to witness, and we've got it all for your below. Gemma O'Brien timelapse @ Hotel Steyne... Anthony Lister took to the wall to spray paint an eagle... All photos by Andrew Christie (unless otherwise noted) NIGHT 1 - Monday, February 27 Monday was the launch of the Volcom X Hotel Steyne Riders Week, and we kicked things off immediately with one of Australia's beloved characters, Ozzie Wright showing off his skills with the spray cans. He was posted up above the courtyard spray painting a live mural on a row boat for the keen crowd to enjoy. The pool room was emptied for the crazy-talented Gemma O'Brien to work her magic, painting a huge mural which wrapped around the walls of the room. The skate ramp was set up and a couple of our team riders: Dane Burman, Jackson Pilz and Shane Azar, shredded for an hour to a beer-thirsty crowd. Our nightly trivia, hosted by MC Azar, ignited where we saw some super frothed groms and adults walk away with some insane gear, which helped fuel those stoke levels. Hotel Steyne was the place to be all week long! Jamie Browne Volcom tee pictured. Mitch Coleborn, Andrew "Droid" Doheny, Ozzie Wright, and Noa Deane watching the skate team on the mini ramp. Gemma O'Brien working on the mural she created in the pool room. Mitch and Ozzie, some good 'ol fashion hang time! Miguel Tudela (left), Noa Deane (middle), Ozzie Wright (right). Ozzie painted the Surf Boat on the roof! Part of the crew from Ozzie's perspective while he was up there painting. Torpedo-lookin' boat + Noa Deane's surfboard on display. Noa hangin' with Volcom Skate Team riders Jackson Pilz + Reece Warren. Jackson on the mini. Dane Burman smith grinding the Volcom mini ramp at the Hotel Steyne. Jackson at it again. This ramp was a hot spot to be the entire week. Got super crowded, and wild, but managed to stay intact 'til the end. (We can't say the same for everyone who attended.) Mitch messing up Gemma's mural. JK, he lent a helping hand on the then-work-in-progress while she focused on the, let's say,  more important pieces. Yeah, let's go with that. Ozzie wanted to help, too, so he grabbed a brush and took to the wall. Once the night lights came on, the zombies awoke and things got weird. But, a good weird, of course. Gemma O'Brien, mural by day, mural by night! Getting there... Hotel Steyne was rad enough to Gemma do her magic, so here's her appreciation-piece, part of the entire mural. Gemma has a very distinct approach to her art. It's appreciated, and purposeful. Check out some of her tutorials HERE on calligraphy, typography, and more! Night 2 - Tuesday, February 28 Tuesday saw Gemma O'Brien put the finishing touches on her mural in the pool room, while Anthony Lister busted out the spray cans to paint a live mural for the onlookers in the courtyard. We saw lots of dudes showing off their talents on the mini ramp, and team rider Dane Burman even jumped on the ramp to roll with them and no doubt make their day. Gemma continued her mural on Night 2 of the event. She studied the piece for a long time to make sure everything was to her liking. alive and well. It's crazy how you can start with a blank wall, use so much paint, make so much art, and leave the space looking like this. Gemma is a perfectionist, and it shows. Very fine lines and coordination between each segment. Anthony Lister painted a huge eagle in the middle of the hotel bar area. People were stoked to check it out and ask him tons of questions. A slight different approach to his art than Gemma, but nonetheless, equally as talented. The eagle and the Lister. Ozzie takin' a break from his project, hangin' with some of the boys. Volcom beer tap! The walls were plastered with some Volcom art from the ages! If you tell us you've never once said this in your early beer-drinkin' days, we'll tell you that's a lie. Groms were stoked to chat with Ozzie and Lister, and give it a go on the mini ramp. What do you think these dudes were talking about? Art? Skating? Sustainability initiatives? Probably the latter... Some of Newport Beach's finest made their way to Australia! Filmmaker Matt Tromberg and pro surfer Ford Archbold sharing some laughs (well, at least Ford is) with buddy Ozzie. Some onlookers at Lister's eagle. Done-zo. Creepers... Mitch loves this shirt.   Night 3 - Wednesday, March 1 The last couple of nights have been 6ft & offshore down at the pub! Wednesday night included the Boarders Skate store Mini Ramp Jam, Metal Neck 2 – The Bang Over movie premiere, followed by the Gold Coast garage rock band The Bleeding Knees Club, fronted by Alex Wall. Drinks were flowing, stories were shared, and everyone was shredding. Groms loaded up the ramp. Arm casts and all! Little buddy! Each night there was some trivia for rad prizes, and here is Volcom Australia's Shane Azar quizzing this grom in the foreground. Groms are always stoked on stickers! That, my friends, will never go out of style. The ramp was mini, but packed full of fun. The 'Best Trick Comp' at the pub went off! Dudes were trying all sorts of weird things, and in strange outfits. Keep scrolling... Crowd filled in, music turned up, and so did the competition! Mini ramp kickflip. This guy really set it off with dropping in from the second level. ...and continuing his run to the mini. That's one way to ride a ramp! The Hotel Steyne filled up every night by sundown. Can't tell if he's jumping off the second level, or if this is just a high air. Either way, the landing isn't looking promising. Beers and whistles! Sounds like the name of a bar. Is it? Mini shredders on the mini ramp gettin' in some action. What in the bejesus. 1 of 4 2 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4 - Yep, we all saw that comin' No one was using this table, right? No one got seriously injured on this ramp. Although this table may have been destroyed. Raffle winner of Droid's surfboard. Stoked! Metal Neck 2 movie screening at the Moonshine Bar. The crowd was packed in tight, and the kids were all right! Euro skate bros, and a Greyson Fletcher photo bomb! Volcom surf team rider Miguel Tudela (stripped tee) and part of his crew enjoying the night. Someone looks like they're getting chewed out! In all fun, though, right? Fair go for dogs? Droid, droiding. Droid hangin' with Greyson Fletcher and friends. Volcom's VP of Surf, Brad Dougherty, flew over from California to hang with all the boys! Just some happy girls having some Coronas. What's wrong with that?! Nothing! Endless Coronas were on tap. Miguel Tudela and... friends! Night 3 fun! Couple dudes. More dudes. Some groms getting rowdy to the band. The Bleeding Knees Club performed at the end of the night. This is frontman, Alex Wall. Alex Wall The Bleeding Knees Club   Night 4 - Thursday, March 2 Thursday night included the Surfing World Reelers short film competition awards, Volcom X Vans Pro Skate Team mini ramp demo (which unfortunately got rained out after the first hour, but we still ripped), and to end the night we had the band The Mammals and Flower Truck rock out in the Moonshine Bar! He's an innovator. The innovator and Mitch Coleborn. David Vlug testing the new beer cozies. Ozzie's finished boat alongside Volcom team rider boards that were up for grabs! Boards from left to right: Mitch Coleborn, Ozzie Wright, Noa Deane. Tons of hats and totes were printed on all week and given out to the eager guests. Aime Maisse loves the night vibes! Jackson Pilz throwing his board around during the Pro Demo. Young ripper Ethan Copeland helped rally the crowd. Straight up! It was a solid night of skating... ...for most Night jams! The crowd got down to some epic tunes from some local artists. Volcom team rider CJ Collins is the demo KING! (photo: Anthony Mapstone) photo: Anthony Mapstone photo: Anthony Mapstone photo: Anthony Mapstone   Night 5 - Friday, March 3 Friday night was a little more mellow on the scale of the week, but nonetheless, still cranked out a good time. We had our daily trivia running with lots of prizes won and we saw the bands Los Tones supported by Jackie Brown Jnr. The night ended fairly early in order to get ready for the following night's end-of-week blowout with the heavy lineup (scroll down to see). Everyone loves promo girls. None other than legendary surfer Christian Fletcher showed up for a good time! This girl showing the boys how to dance and let loose! Some interesting moments happened. This was one of them. These boards were raffled off to a stoked crowd. Can you guess which one is Ozzie Wright's?! The setting was pleasant, the people were nice, and friends were made. The bands each night shifted the crowd into another mode. Was she starstruck, overcome with excitement, or scared? You be the judge.   Night 6 - Saturday, March 4 Saturday was turned up to eleven with 'The Paradise Club' party combined with STAB which went down at the Moonshine Bar with performances by Noa Deane’s band Blister, Andrew Doheny’s band Power Lunch, and Ozzie Wright! The entrance line for Hotel Steyne was one of the biggest lines ever seen and the night was definitely one for the history books! "Hurry, she's not looking!" What in the bejesus. Bati Rum mixers with the girls. Volcom X Stab's "Paradise Club" party @ the Moonshine Bar. Su Young Choi with the crew! One of the lucky board-giveaway winners! Mitch Coleborn's board winner! Ozzie Wright's board winner. This guy was the perfect fit for that board. He was stoked. Ozzie Wright kicked off the night in his classic white Ozzie shades. Noa Deane + Ozzie Wright jammed together to get the crowd off their feet. Check these dudes in the front. They're living it! Blister, Noa Deane's band, kicked off right after Ozzie. Lighting is A+ here. Noa Deane + his band Blister. Read more on Noa and Blister HERE. The crowd got so hyped off the tunes that the place nearly got shut down. Luckily, they were able to be tamed (the crowd, not the management) and the night continued long into the wee hours. Battle dance? Noa tuning his guitar before jamming to the rowdy and alcohol-infused crowd. How's that Volcom 90's tee?! Get yourself one HERE! Done-zo. Noa Deane. Droid's band Power Lunch was going on after Blister. Here's Droid gettin' some assistance from buddy Noa. Face paint, check. Not everyone naturally looked like this by Day 6 of the event, but some did. The boys. Christian Fletcher, Noa Deane, Greyson Fletcher, Ozzie Wright. Frontman for Power Lunch, Droid, gettin' into rhythm. Ozzie, front row at the Droid Power Lunch show! Droid 1 Droid 2 Little bit of that old school rock 'n rock channeling through Droid.
My City - Bogota, Colombia - Jhancarlos Gonzalez
My City is a Volcom video series showcasing the Latin American Skate Team as they take us through their hometowns, showing us where they grew up skating and what struggles they had to overcome along the way. In this first episode, we welcome 19-year-old Jhancarlos Gonzalez from Bogota, Colombia. Jhancarlos grew up skating in the streets of Bogota in Barrio Roma at 10 years of age where skateparks were elusive and average at best. None of his friends his age skated, but as with typical younger kids, the older crowd had a huge influence on him as he watched his neighbors grab their skateboards day-after-day and hit the streets. Finding it upon himself to build up enough courage to ask if he could try out their skateboards, Jhancarlos instantly felt that connection and got hooked. His most trusted skateboarding resources were curbs, rails, stairs, and ledges he found around his city, which provided him with a sense of community for himself and his friends as they gathered at these local spots with the local pros. But this also gave him a sense of creativity in the approach to his skateboarding. By not having the luxury of well-crafted and diverse skateparks at his fingertips, Jhancarlos manufactured fictional skateparks in his city, drawing unique lines to mundane city streets, rails, and stairs. Some of his favorite spots in Bogota are Telecom, Maderitas, Cedritos, Catastro, El Campin Suba, and Torres, which he still credits as some of the his favorite spots to skate in Colombia. Watch Episode 2 of My City with Jesus Munoz Contrary to Bogota was another spot in Colombia Jhancarlos grew up skating, Medellin, which is the second-largest city in Colombia. With its tight-city structures and endless spots to skate, this city felt like another world to Jhancarlos, a world far different than Bogota. One he calls a paradise. The Lights Plaza, Chimeneas, Downtown, 4 South Skatepark, and Mayorca make up his go-tos when he’s in town, while stopping off at some of his favorite places to eat: Los Quesudos and Las Mandingas. Growing up in these cities, skating every corner of every piece of concrete, gave Jhancarlos a drive to go further. If skateboarding provided the outlet for Jhancarlos, then Bogota and Medellin provided the foundation. Jhancarlos in Medellin, Colombia. (photo: Juaner Romero) Jhancarlos was also featured in Volcom’s 2016 skate movie Holy Stokes! when the crew travelled to Medellin to shoot for the project. With its award-winning release and high popularity among the skate world, Jhancarlos broke onto the scene with his impressive part and laidback style. Some of his best moments filming for the movie was being able to skate with his favorite skater, Grant Taylor, and simply hanging with Milton. Jhancarlos also appreciated lounging with the team in the hotel and chilling with everyone, and said the “whole vibe was super sick, holy stoked!” He also noted landing the backside noseblunt as a highlight from the movie. Besides inspiration from dudes like Grant Taylor and Milton Martinez, Jhancarlos is inspired by a crew of solid guys in Colombia: Juan Pablo Velez, Jose David Velez, Barbas, Felipe Agudelo, Sebastian Pineros, whose “passion for skateboarding and desire to succeed is unmatched,” he said. Where’s Jhancarlos off to next? USA, Brazil, and Argentina to hit some of his bucket-list spots and hopefully get some good footage for an upcoming project he’s working on. Check him out on Instagram here and stay connected with all the latest happenings from the Volcom Skate Team here!