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Recent News + Video

Volcom Snowboarding - Stone Army
Words like “raw” are often thrown around hastily to describe edits, clips, and riding style, but few videos really embody the untethered proclivity that draws all of us into ripping turns season after season. Last spring the Volcom crew was busy doing what they do best, on a van trip throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic with stops at Superpark 19, Eastern Boarder’s Last Call and Rhode Island’s Yawgoo Valley, riding away from the impossible in the Midwest, and sending it way past sunset at Mammoth during The Launch. The collective snowboarding by the Stone Army is unfiltered, loose, and stocked with the hard-to-describe quality that anyone who spends most of their time strapped into a snowboard will immediately recognize. This short movie keeps you glued to the screen for the entire ten minutes, so sit back and take it in. Featuring Benny Milam, Jake Selover, Reid Smith, Zach Normandin, Lyon Farrell, Brock Crouch, Chandler Hunt, Cody Warble, Merrick Joyce, Parker Szumowski, Mary Rand, Richie Conklin, Mike Ravelson, Scott Blum, Frank Knab, and Jamie Lynn. Enjoy and for more fun, follow on Snapchat. Filmed by Seth Huot, Pat Barraza, Jeff Kabigting, Jake Price, Derek Combs, and Tim Stanford.     Check out the all-new 2016 Volcom Outerwear HERE. Volcom Snowboarding 2016 Collection, featuring Men's, Women's and Boys' Snowboard Jackets, Snow Pants, & Snowboarding Gear. Outerwear that is built to perform with style and functionality.
Exclusive Feature - The Unfound: Bryan Iguchi
Bryan Iguchi's exclusive digital feature w/ Teton Gravity Research is live HERE. Go behind-the-scenes in this photo and video feature to explore Bryan's first introduction to board sports and snowboarding, valuable lessons he learned over the years, and more. Bryan Iguchi finds airtime during a spring shred mission in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Photo: Wade Dunstan / WRKSHRT
Volcom Snowboarding - Mike Ravelson - Snark Attack!
SNARK ATTACK from Skylar Brent Early season snowboarding with Volcom's Mike Ravelson at Killington Mountain in VT. Video / Artwork: Skylar Brent
Volcom Presents 'Standing Ovation' Starring Bryan Iguchi & Jamie Lynn
Two legendary members of the Volcom team, Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn reunited deep in the wilderness of Alaska last season on a heli mission to drop into massive mountain lines in a way few riders on Earth are able. These two, whose individual styles have shaped the fabric of snowboarding over multiple decades, arc turns alongside one another down some of the most treacherous faces found in North America. While the tracks Jamie and Guch leave behind them will be filled in when the next storm blows through, the lines they weave in Volcom’s Standing Ovation are instantly frozen in time via this Jake Price-made video. Ultimate style in some of the most gnarly mountains. Thanks, Jamie and Guch for the constant inspiration. -Snowboarder Magazine   Featured in the video, the all-new 2016 Volcom Snow Outerwear: Guide GORE-TEX® Jacket - BUY HERE Guide GORE-TEX® Pant- - BUY HERE Air TDS GORE-TEX® Jacket - BUY HERE First Layer Crew - BUY HERE First Layer Bottom - BUY HERE   RELATED STORIES Volcom has teamed up with snowboarding legend Bryan Iguchi to create winter-ready footwear ripe for the season. The "Guch" signature details are available in the OUTLANDER boot and the GRIMM MID 2. Outlander x Bryan Iguchi Boots - Shop Now Grimm Mid 2 Shoe - Shop Now Photo: Tim Peare
Volcom x Bryan Iguchi - Signature Footwear
Volcom has teamed up with snowboarding legend Bryan Iguchi to create winter-ready footwear ripe for the season. The "Guch" signature details are available in the OUTLANDER boot and the GRIMM MID 2. Outlander x Bryan Iguchi Boots - Shop Now Grimm Mid 2 Shoe - Shop Now Photo: Tim Peare   Still Stomping Rider, artist & living legend Bryan Iguchi steps into footwear design. Veteran Volcom team rider Bryan Iguchi has been a pro snowboarder for more than 20 years. “I just see it as a way of life,” he says, “once you’re in, you’re in—you’re just going along for the ride.” And with more than two decades of serious shredding under his belt, he’s still nowhere near ready to get off this ride. “I’m having more fun riding now than I ever have … I feel like I say that every season.” And if all his winters were like the one he had in 2015, it’s no wonder why ’Guch has remained ‘true to this’ for so long. From his homebase in Jackson, Wyoming, Bryan spent last winter hunting for powder and good times with the likes of Pat Moore, Jamie Lynn and the rest of his bros on the Volcom snow team. From Canada to Alaska to the Swiss Alps, Bryan just keeps on charging. Born and raised in southern California, his creative outlook naturally drew him to skateboarding, surfing, and later snowboarding. He flowed easily between boards; from the concrete to the waves to the snow, and back, but ultimately it was the mountains that won him over. For a few seasons in the early years, he worked and rode at SoCal’s Bear Mountain, home to the first resort terrain park and a scene that sparked the explosion of skate-inspired freestyle snowboarding. Bear is also where he met Volcom’s founders, “I think it was ’92,” Bryan recalls, “I had a ramp in my garage up at Bear and Tucker and Wooly came by to skate after riding. We just kind of hit it off from there.” Yup, Bryan has been Volcom family ever since. But just a few years into a successful pro career with snowboard parks, videos, and competition vaulting him to the forefront of snowboarding, Bryan dipped out. Abandoning the California scene for the relative isolation of Jackson Hole was a bold move but for ’Guch it was one that made all the difference in his evolution as a rider. The move to “real mountains” was all about personal progression and exploring the possibilities of backcountry freeriding. And more than fifteen years later, Bryan still calls Jackson home and his passion for shredding new terrain remains just as strong. But he’s also an artist. “I’ve been drawing and doing art since I can really remember but once I started traveling I got really into it and started keeping these journals where’d I do drawings and some little watercolor pieces. Then I got into acrylics—it just sort of evolved over the years.” He’s been contributing his artwork to graphics and patterns for Volcom’s snow outerwear program for years and along the way began to contribute his mountain experience and expertise to the product design process, as well. He has been integral in the development of Volcom’s most advanced outerwear, the GPT collection. Now, he’s working with Volcom’s footwear design team, lending detail and styling to special winter-ready editions of the Outlander boot and Grimm Mid 2 shoe. “Guch is passionate about product, says Footwear Director Jason Smith, “He knows what works in the real world, and his input is always on point. The fact that he’s also an artist made this collaboration pretty much seamless.” “I had been wearing the Outlander before I did the art; testing them out with long days here at home,” Bryan explains, “and they’re really good—comfortable for even the coldest days in Jackson. Then I chose the Grimm Mid 2 for the shoe, these were the styles I was wearing the most, that’s why I picked them.” As for the artwork featured, he explains, “I did this other piece for Volcom snow; a graphic for a team sweatshirt, so I just took an element from that—a small detail from a piece of the painting, and handed that off to the footwear design crew. Then, I created this Teepee Stone for a logo. It kinda symbolizes shelter and comfort, protection from the elements … these are things you want out of a shoe when you live in the mountains.” “It’s crazy when I look back—23 years later and I’m still on the Volcom team. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m always so grateful and stoked to get involved in new things like this and continue to contribute to the Volcom program.” Available now, the Bryan Iguchi Outlander boot and Grimm Mid 2 both feature a black, water-resistant Nubuck leather upper and original artwork on the tongue and inside collar.
SFD Uncut: Curtis Ciszek
With every video and video part that drops there are countless shots and endless moments that never see the light of day and The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD was no exception. Sometimes, some of the rider's favorite shots or filmer's favorite angles don’t always make the final cut. Whether they didn’t quite fit in the song, another angle was used, or a certain trick was done again, there’s always great stuff that is talked about by the riders and people involved, but other than that, it’s as if it never existed. Volcom's Curtis Ciszek chased snow in Canada, as well as far off places like Europe and Japan, and all of his clips that didn't make the cut can now be consumed. Click HERE to watch SFD Uncut: Curtis Ciszek, presented by Snowboarder.