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Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker

From: Lewisville, TX Age: 23

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Birth Date: 1/19/1994

Place of Birth: Lewisville, TX

Currently Living: Long Beach, CA

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Volcom, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Vans, Active Ride Shop, Happy Hour Shades

Volcom Rider Since: 2007


Volcomgratulations To Our Team
The Volcom Family is a wildly diverse group of talented human beings: surfers, skaters, riders, musicians, artists, and committed creative individuals who simply refuse to settle. They are more than just dreamers. They are doers. The diehards. Pushing it further. Sweating every detail, unwilling to relent. They are uniquely driven souls whose actions speak much louder than words. Charging forward in all environments and fueled by an unyielding dedication to craft. This crew—our crew—is the raw embodiment of Volcom’s TRUE TO THIS ideology. Channeling their energy, their potential, and their passion. They are collectively shaping tomorrow, today. Volcomgratulations to our team. photo: Daniel Cabral
3 SOTY's 1 Stone!
Never before have we been able to say that our Volcom skate team has had THREE 'Skaters of the Year' in the same year, on the same team, until now! First, Kyle Walker was crowned Thrasher Magazine's 'Skater of the Year', then Daan van der Linden was named 'European Skater of the Year' for the 2nd year in a row, and to top it all off, Australia's longest running skate magazine, Slam Skateboarding, named Jackson Pilz as the 'Australian Skater of the Year'! 3 SOTY's, 1 Stone! How did it all happen? The most prestigious award in skateboarding is Thrasher Magazine's 'Skater of the Year' and with only 23 recipients in the past quarter century, we are proud that Kyle Walker is one of them. He had some of the gnarliest tricks in our latest full length video Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening, not to mention his footage in the Vans 'No Other Way' video and also winning Street Leagues 'Trick of the Year'. This smith grind in Australia was one of the HEAVIEST tricks in Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. With all hard tricks, there's a battle and this tall out ledge was no different. See more of Kyle's epic year by clicking here! Kyle also landed himself on the cover of Thrasher Magazine with this 2nd story kickflip. Photo: Burnett After Kyle Walker was crowned Thrasher's 'Skater of the Year', voting for 'European Skater of the Year' had just opened. Another one of our riders, Dutch wonder boy Daan van der Linden, was 2015's 'European Skater of the Year' and a heavy contender for 2016's award thanks to his part in Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening along with various footage from travelling with the Anti-Hero crew. It was a crazy year for Daan, Anti-Hero turned him PRO and there was never a shortage of epic skate footage that seemed to pop up everywhere. So when it came time for the Bright European Skateboarding Awards, Daan not only took home 'Video Part of the Year' but also clinched the back to back 'European Skater of the Year' title! Having extra footage is good problem to have and Daan definitely had so much that his Holy Stokes! 'Over Stokes' was packed with clips that didn't make it into his part. Get a more in depth look at Daan's SOTY years here. Daan Backside Noseblunt on the July issue of Thrasher, came with a FREE poster and sticker too! Photo: Keppens Every year the Thrasher 'Skater of the Year' gets to pick a destination and crew to skate with for one epic trip. Since Kyle Walker won, he decided to go to Australia with back to back European Skater of the Year Daan van der Linden as well as other Volcom riders such as Louie Lopez, Dustin Dollin and Jackson Pilz. While on the trip, Australia's longest running skate magazine, Slam Skateboarding, surprised Jackson Pilz by awarding him 'Australian Skater of the Year'! Slam Skateboarding had tallied all of the votes from their online poll and as it turns out, Jackson was the winner. Epic times over the weekend on @kwalks' @thrashermag #sotyDownUnda trip Euro SOTY @skankiee killing it at @jacksonpilz's 'Australian SOTY' surprise! #3SOTYs1Stone! @volcom_oz @shaneazar A video posted by Volcom Skate (@volcomskate) on Jan 29, 2017 at 10:00pm PST Jackson has a bright future ahead of him and we can't wait to see what he does next. In the meantime watch a remix of his Holy Stokes! part and get a full recap of his 2016! Jackson Pilz – Slam Skater of the Year 2017 from Slam Skateboarding Magazine on Vimeo. #3SOTYs1Stone!
Kyle Walker's Thrasher 'Skater of the Year' party
Last Friday we hopped in the van and made the 6 hour trek up to San Francisco to watch Thrasher Magazine make it official when they hand Kyle Walker the 2016 'Skater of the Year' trophy. After the 6 hour drive up which comprised of at least an hour just trying to get over the Bay Bridge, we made it to Public Works SF for the party. Should have added us on Snapchat, it would have been like you were in the van! Kyle Walker was surrounded by his family and friends along with all his homies throughout the skate scene. Three acts were on the bill as well featuring Kill a Punk for Rock and Roll, Danava (who also played the Holy Stokes! San Francisco premiere) and Bay Area legend Rappin 4-Tay. After the party everyone headed to the local skate bar Kilowatt and after that we took the party back to the hotel rooms where it didn't stop until the wee hours of the morning. Check a few photos below and Active Ride Shop's Morgnar even hopped in the van with us and has a recap over at the Active blog too. Congrats Kyle! Rainbow spotted on the I-5 'Kill a Punk for Rock and Roll' featuring Josh from The Shrine and The Nuge Mosh pit was going off Danava was the second band to play, they killed it just like at the San Francisco HolyStokes! premiere Heavy vibes in the pit! Thrasher's Tony Vitello with Phelper and Rapper 4Tay lurking in the background Phelper! IT'S OFFICIAL, KYLE WALKER IS THRASHER MAGAZINE'S 2016 'SKATER OF THE YEAR "This ones for all the Oklahomies!" Kyle and his girlfriend Madison Kyle Walker and his parents just as he got off stage Kilowatt was packed for the unofficial afterparty Outside the bar the party was lit too! Quick shotgun anyone? Rowan Zorilla getting down on the party Party kept going until the morning moving to the hotel after the bars closed. Kyle and 2013 SOTY Ishod Wair turning up! Click to see the official Thrasher Magazine recap! Photos and Words by Daniel Cabral
Kyle Walker is Thrasher Magazines 2016 Skater of the Year!
Back in 2006 the Wild in the Parks contest was just beginning and there was this kid in Texas who was not only crushing it but winning all the contests. His name was Kyle Walker. He handed us a DVD with his footage on it and ever since then he's been sporting the stone. Almost exactly a decade later there are no words that can express how proud we are of Kyle on winning one of the most prestigious awards in skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine's 'Skater of the Year'. Joining the ranks of his fellow Volcom teammates such as Grant Taylor (2011) and Arto Saari (2001), Kyle Walker can also call himself a Thrasher Magazine 'Skater of the Year'! Every year skateboarding seems to progress to a point where you believe it can't get any gnarlier, but skateboarding seems to consistently progress every year and 2016 was no different. Coming off turning pro in 2015 and a HEAVY part in Vans' first feature skate film 'Propeller', Kyle Walker showed no stopping in 2016. After turning pro in June 2015, he hit the road with his teammates and homies on a tour around the US ending in his hometown in Oklahoma. After a few summer tours with the Vans crew, he started to stack footage for our 4K full length feature skate film Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. Filming for one video part alone is difficult so you can imagine how difficult it was filming for two! Beyond his epic footage (that smith grind alone was crazy!) he also had footage in Real Skateboards' "Surveillance #02" and more recently in Vans' "No Other Way" which ends on one the GNARLIEST grinds ever done on a skateboard. Beyond the footage Kyle also received coverage in the mags, earning himself not only the latest cover of Thrasher Magazine but also the cover of The Skateboard Mag #148 with his boardslide from Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. Massive Kickflip on the cover of the January issue of Thrasher Magazine Photo: Burnett 4th try boardslide in Las Vegas while getting kicked out! Photo: Rodent We can't wait to see what the future holds for Kyle and are so STOKED for him and his career with Volcom! Congrats Kyle! FS 180 of a massive bump to bar from Holy Stokes! Photo: Keppens Threading the needle on this kickflip in Seattle. Photo: Saari At first glance this out ledge dosen't look like it should be skated, but Kyle put it down like a CHAMP! Photo: Mapstone
Watch the trailer for Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening, the new Skate Movie coming soon from Volcom
Nearly two years in the making and featuring an international cast of skaters ranging from street legends to transition destroyers to hyper-talented up-and-comers rolling and rallying across the planet, Volcom's forthcoming feature film Holy Stokes! is shaping up to be the feel good hit of the summer. Shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition and directed by skate-film auteur Russell Houghten, Holy Stokes! marks the first full-length skate film from Veeco Productions since 2007's Let's Live. Shot in dozens of locations spanning every corner of the globe, it builds on more than 20 years and 30 influential films from the world of Volcom. "I'm really excited for people to see this film," says Volcom's Vice President of Skate Remy Stratton, "it's been a long time coming. I know the team riders are excited too and right now our team is firing, so it's cool to be able to showcase all that talent through the Volcom lens." And with the brand's legacy of progressive, non-traditional films, he says, "having Russell directing it is a perfect fit." Russell's perspective is this: "Holy Stokes is a visual documentation of raw skateboarding and the pursuit of stoke. It has been an awesome nightmare and my most ambitious project yet." The world premiere of Holy Stokes! is set for May 20th, 2016 in Los Angeles, California with a North American and International premiere tour to follow from May 20th-June 6th, 2016. Holy Stokes! will be available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, xBox and Vimeo onDemand on June 7th, 2016. Holy Stokes! stars these dudes: Alain Goikoetxea, Alec Majerus, Alex Midler, Axel Cruysberghs, Ben Raemers, Caswell Berry, Chris Pfanner, CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Daan Van Der Linden, Dane Burman, David Gonzalez, Dennis Busenitz, Dustin Dollin, Grant Taylor, Jackson Pilz, Jordan Trahan, Kyle Walker, Milton Martinez, Louie Lopez, Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler
Introducing The Spitfire X Volcom Collection ''Fire And Stone Don’t Burn Alone''
Volcom unveils its latest collaboration inspired by the thrashin’ fashion of gouging grinds and heat-seeking aerial bombardments. Together, Volcom and Spitfire bring a collective 50 years of experience in making quality products specifically designed for those who keep the eternal skate-fire stoked. Hard like Stone and hot like Fire, this collection does not burn alone. Take note of its clean and functional style created for long days and nights of deep exploratory recon in the streets kids call home. See the entire collection and photos shot during the making of the video at Backed by mutual riders Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Dennis Busenitz, Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Dane Burman, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Nassim Guammaz and Alex Midler, the Volcom X Spitfire collection is coming in hot!