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Featured Artist



N8NOFACE has been described as a Chicano Flannery O'Connor playing chiptune Ministry, the Sleaford Mods of the American Southwest, Suicide for the 21st Century and Ghostmane meets darkwave synthpunk dashed with early Ween's glue-huffing pop. He embarks on his first arena tour in July 2024 as part of Limp Bizkit's Loserville Tour.

Creative Kit


Churro Remix

The World According to Volcom Entertainment works with Featured Artists to assemble a creative kit for special online activations each month. This month we're introducing N8NOFACE to the Volcom Entertainment community and asking them to create their own remixes of N8NOFACE's new song 'Churro'. Click the link below to learn more and download the stems and full song to get started with your own remix.

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About Volcom Entertainment

The World According to Volcom Entertainment marks something of a rebirth for the independent record label founded in 1995. The brainchild of Volcom co-founder Richard Woolcott and theLINE's singer/guitarist Ryan Immegart, who was also Volcom's first sponsored snowboarder, Volcom Ent as the label was affectionately known, operated as a full service record label for eighteen years and released over 100 titles.

Today Volcom Ent's mission is to re-connect our passion for experiencing the power of music and the arts with others. Our goal is to use lessons we learned prior to the modern social media era to build awareness for our artists, whether it was distributing CDs through surf/skate/snow stores, to operating our own stage on the Vans Warped Tour for 10 years, to our vinyl subscription series we ran for 7 years, and adapt those same DIY spirit and "punk" ethos to the energy we see happening now.

A lot has changed in the past decade with how music is produced, distributed and consumed. Using those wilderness years to reflect on what role Volcom could serve in the wider music world today, we find ourselves excited to promote artists and projects that move us; showcasing the re-defined aesthetics of Volcom Entertainment and engaging in new ways with an audience that is true to the exploration of music and art.


Volume 1

Volcom Ent reissued CKY's self-released Volume 1 in early 2000 under the name Camp and the album name was CKY and then we repressed the album a second time and switched it around. All this was happening as the CKY VHS/DVD video series produced by Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo, was beginning to blow up and would eventually lead to Jackass.



The band that started it all for the label, theLINE, released their third record, Disimilar, in 2000. Probably their most popular album to this day, songs like 'System Deceptive' and 'Purchase is a Program' and 'Something Review Culture Crash' were instant classics.


Kona Town

Pepper's sophomore release and the one that put them on the map. Easily Volcom Ent's most commercially successful release, is also our one and only gold record. Those first bass notes on 'Stone Love' are instantly recognizable and immediately transport you to another dimension.

Valient Thorr

Legend of the World

Valient Thorr's sophomore release came out just in time for them to do the 2006 Warped Tour. That year FUSE TV (remember that channel?) was airing a weekly docu-series called Warped: Inside Out which Valient Thorr was featured on. Watch a highlight reel of the show on YouTube.


Win Us Over

It's hard to pick which ASG album to highlight, but Win Us Over, the band's fourth album was the one that broke them out of mostly being known within the East Coast surf scene. With production from Matt Hyde, Win Us Over helped ASG find a fanbase amongst contemporary stoner rock, psychedelic metal fans worldwide, leading to bigger tours and European festival appearances.

Riverboat Gamblers

Underneath The Owl

Along with ASG and Valient Thorr, the music of Riverboat Gamblers helped define the 'Volcom Ent sound' that the label became known for during the mid-to-late aughts. Underneath The Owl was the band's penultimate release on Volcom Ent.



We were all such fans of Torche's second album, Meanderthal, that when the opportunity came about to put out their next album we leapt at it. We had a lot of fun with the packaging on this release.

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