Teflon EcoElite is the first renewably sourced, plant-based and non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency.


Made with 100% Regenerated Nylon. Learn more +

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is better for the planet and its people. Learn more +


A unique blend of Twaron®/Nylon/Cotton offer incredible strength and durability that is extremely resistant to tear & abrasion.

Superior Stretch

S Gene® Superior Stretch creates mobility with high recovery so the jean holds shape.


We use multi-component yarn that adds more durable stretch & recovery.


Lycra® Tough Max Technology features incredible durability and is extremely resistant to tear and abrasion.


Positive ions effectively reduce odor causing bacteria, lasting the life of this jean.

Helmet Compatible

Learn more +

Pro-Model Goggle

Learn more +

Rail Killer Edge

Learn more +

Yamamoto Neoprene

This wetsuit is made with 100% Yamamoto Japanese neoprene—the highest grade of rubber available. Learn more +

Designed By FERAL

Function, comfort, and minimalism dictate FERAL's wetsuit designs, not fashion trends! Learn more +

Backzip Design

Get that stress off your chest! The backzip is back, for forward thinking people. Learn more +