'Make It Your Own' With Avalon Preisendorfer

It’s been such an amazing experience to get to know all of these rad female artists who worked with us on the ‘Make It Your Own’ Frochickie pant project. The idea first sparked when we decided to doodle on a pair one day and realized how much fun it was. We gifted each artist with a pair of pants and a few sharpies but told them to go nuts with whatever artistic tools they had and the results were EPIC.

One artist in particular blew us away with her abstract painted pants. Avalon Preisendorfer, who hails from Long Beach, has a minimalist approach to her art but with a creative twist. She’s been known to incorporate unusual artistic tools into her creations, for example, coffee that spills onto paper that then turns into intricate masterpieces. Her use of watercolor is always done in a creative and funny way that shows her sense of humor. Give Avalon a follow-on Instagram at @avalonianand read our interview with her below.

Tell us your name and a little about yourself!

AVALON: My name is Avalon Preisendorfer and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artist based out of Southern California.

When did you start drawing, illustrating, painting?

AVALON: I started drawing and painting at a young age. My earliest memories were when my parents would take me to work with them hand me a stack of paper from the copy machine and some kind of marker or pen to busy myself with. That was all I needed to stay entertained. It was just a hobby of mine until I started getting requests from friends and strangers to make pieces for them. Since then it’s been a slow and steady passionate evolution into graphic design. I look at drawing, painting, styling, and technical skills as just tools on my belt that all come in handy.

Which one came first and how did you discover your passion for art?

AVALON: Drawing was probably my first passion, and still is the main one. It’s always the most easily accessible, you can do it anywhere and anytime. you don’t need to charge up the computer, or have multiple supplies on hand. It’s simple: It keeps me fulfilled to create something out of nothing, and lucky for me it pay the bills!

What are you biggest influences when it comes to your art?


My biggest influence would be my environment and personal experience. Whether it be the place I am living at the time, the people I interact with, the music I hear, or the stories I read, they all influence my perspective. If I am feeling uninspired or stagnant sometimes dipping in the ocean can peel away doldrums, or when I am feeling overwhelmed and disorganized getting some exercise helps me stay focused.

To be more specific, I draw inspiration from new and vintage art/design books, records, interior design, folklore, storytelling, poetry, symbolism, the ocean, patterns/colors found in nature, anatomy/physiology, current events, and the internet…

What are your other hobbies?

AVALON: Other hobbies include traveling, road tripping, adventuring, surfing, gardening, a little photo taking, starting DIY projects and often not finishing them, flea markets, zines, collecting rad books, watching documentaries, listening to audiobooks/podcasts oh and researching true crime...

Can you talk us through your process of making these pants? What was your inspiration?

AVALON: These pants were SO fun to paint. I had a little bit of a game plan to create a repeat pattern with color combos. I wanted them to be abstract, unexpected and have some kind of textural quality. First I painted the larger orange bits while wearing the pants (proving to be difficult when you are by yourself), then I waited around for them to dry and did the purple clouds, turquoise dots and white brush strokes for texture. I used acrylic paint and water based Posca paint pens. The pant art is inspired by meteorology, a weather forecast of sun/wind/rain/rainbows etc.

How would you describe your personal style?

AVALON: Personal style... Unexpected combinations, effortless, balanced, and sometimes intentionally unbalanced... With a little sassy element to keep it fun. Like a Minimal/clean top and bottom with some messy hair and some wild shoes, or an intricate embroidered dress with vans. I like to appear like I have my act together but one element has to be slightly undone. Nothing is perfect, so why should my outfit be? xo

Get your own pair Volcom Women’s Frochickie pants make them your own. Also, definitely check out these other amazing artists who customized their own pair of Frochickie’s!


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