Peruvian Surfer Miguel Tudela In "Two To Twenty"


Peru, the South American country home to the beautiful Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu (set high in the Andes Mountains), is also home to the 21-year old high-flying Peruvian surfer Miguel Tudela. Miguel has been making a name for himself by being the guy who can surf 2-foot mushy shorebreak just as good as 20 foot heavy Waimea. We’ve seen him charge Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu in heavy conditions, and prove his shredability in smaller waves by placing well in contests, but now Miguel is putting sheer focus and determination into his true passion: big wave surfing.



What was your first thought about this project of yours? What does it mean to you to be “true to this”?

MIGUEL: When I first find out about this project I felt so happy, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to show everyone who am I and what I’m capable of. For me being “True To This” means when you are in love of what you are doing, have a passion that will always take you to unbelievable moments in your life.

If you are given the option of being invited to surf the Eddie Aikau or a WSL event, which one would you choose and why?

MIGUEL: That´s a tough one! Hahaha! If I get the chance to surf one big event I think I will go for The Eddie. It’s such a prestige event where only a few of the best surfers in the world are invited. I love charging big waves and surf among my idols would be a dream come true.

What is your favorite wave in Latin America? Besides Peru of course…

MIGUEL: My favorite wave in Latin America is Punta Lobos, Chile. I only surfed 3 times but I fell in love with that spot. I’m counting my days to come back there.

Pico Alto means a lot to you, how was your first session out there? I heard some fun story with your dad can you share it with us?

MIGUEL: Pico Alto is my favorite wave; I remember the first time I paddle out there was when I was probably 14 or 15. I was on my way to school and my dad calls me and tells me that all of his friends are paddling out to Pico Alto and if was ready go out there with him. I felt butterflies in my stomach! I was really scared but at the same time excited so I told him I’m going with you! My dad first time in Pico Alto was when he was 13 so my goal was to surf it at his same age or before! Every time a have a beer with my dad he loves talking about his first session out there. No leashes, no wetsuits, no jet skis! Can you imagine that? I mean this waves breaks 2 miles out there! You are in the middle of nowhere! Many Hawaiians used to go down there to surf it. I have heard some really funny stories between Peru & Hawaii those years.

Most funny anecdote from Volcom Hawaii House?

MIGUEL: There are plenty of good stories over there. Some of them I can’t tell even tell! Hahaha! Last year I had a pretty bad heat at Sunset I lost with 5 seconds remaining with priority over Wilko, he caught an inside wave and got the score he needed to turned the heat. I was really frustrated so I ran back to the pipe house grab my board and told everyone that I was going to catch the wave of the day. So I did! Five minutes out there and a beast came my way and I got one of the best barrels of my life. Everyone was laughing so hard!

You use short boards and big guns, how many boards do you go through each year?

MIGUEL: Last year I rode 38 Channel Islands boards. Between 5’7 to 10’2!

Explain your ideal surf session?

MIGUEL: My ideal surf session would be a secret A-frame spot surfing my friends and me with none stop barrels. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Hahaha!

When traveling, what’s the first thing you pack?

MIGUEL: My boards! Imagine getting into the airport and realize you forgot your boards!

Favorite place you’ve traveled too and with whom?

MIGUEL: My favorite place so far is Pichilemu, Chile. Such a rad place with amazing people, food and spectacular waves all around. I went there with my dad and my girlfriend.

Dawn patrol or evening glass off?

MIGUEL: I love the both but if I have to choose I would go with evening glass! Best feeling in the world to end up your day with a magic sessh and a beautiful sunset.